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Welcome to the Quad Cities, where the river flows, and the wine pours – a grape escape for parents in need of a sanity sip! Our guide to the local wineries ensures you navigate the grapevine with finesse. Dive into the flavorful world of Quad Cities wineries, where the only tantrums are thrown by merlots, not your little ones.

Start your journey at Wide River Winery, a family-friendly haven that understands the true meaning of “pour decisions.” With roots dating back to ’97, it’s not just a winery; it’s a vineyard playground where Dorothy and her squad turn grapes into parental survival juice. Take a break from the chaos, let the kids explore, and sip your way through their selection, inspired by a law heritage that knows a thing or two about trial and (wine) error.

Wide River Winery

wide river winery

Wide River Winery is the go-to spot for sipping in eastern Iowa and western Illinois, with a 10-acre vineyard producing both red and white cold weather varietals! All of the wines produced by Wide River contain grapes grown here in the Iowa earth. It’s not just about wine; it’s about blending food, conversations, and good times at the tasting rooms in Clinton, LeClaire, and Davenport, Iowa.

The history of the company dates back to 1997, when founder Dorothy O’Brien began growing grapes and making wine for her family. With the help of her family, Dorothy was able to grow this small operation into a flourishing local business. Dorothy’s daughter, Liz Quinn, and her sisters, Martha O’Brien and Ceil O’Brien, focus on sales, marketing, and the business side of the winery.

Inspiration for many of the wine names comes from the family’s law heritage. Dorothy is an employment law attorney, and her husband, Charlie Pelton, is a retired Clinton County judge. Many other lawyer family members have been known to sample as part of the never-ending quest for top-quality wine.

Visit us at one of our three locations in Eastern Iowa along the Mississippi River – Clinton, LeClaire, or the Village of East Davenport. Offering daily wine tasting in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. Wines can also be found at most major grocery and liquor stores in the Clinton and Quad Cities areas.

Clinton Vineyard & Winery

1776 E Deer Creek Rd, Clinton, IA

(563) 271-5760

LeClaire Tasting Room

106 N Cody Rd, LeClaire, IA

(563) 271-5760

Village of East Davenport

1128 Mound Street, Davenport, IA

(563) 271-5760


Tycoga Winery & Distillery
2585 195th St, DeWitt, IA 52742

Buchanan House Winery
726 Green Rd, Tipton, IA 52772

Glyn Mawr Winery
103 1st St W, Mt Vernon, IA 52314

Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery
1441 Marak Rd NW, Swisher, IA 52338

Ardon Creek Vineyard and Winery
2391 Independence Ave, Letts, IA 52754

Revasser Winery
1749 Yucca Ave, Ainsworth, IA 52201

Olathea Creek Vineyard and Winery
23456 Great River Rd, Le Claire, IA 52753

Tabor Home Vineyards and Winery
3570 67th St, Baldwin, IA 52207

Iowa Grape Vines Winery
18345 55th St, Maquoketa, IA 52060


Lavender Crest Winery
5401 US-6, Colona, IL 61241

Massbach Ridge Winery
8837 S Massbach Rd, Elizabeth, IL 61028

Old Oaks Winery
10814 1st St W, Milan, IL 61264

Fergedaboudit Vineyard & Winery
4595 W Speer Rd, Hanover, IL 61041

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