Go, See, Explore: Vander Veer Park


Our friends at Davenport Parks and Recreation have shared some favorite (and maybe some new-to-you) parks that you’ll want on your bucket list this summer. They are great to visit with your kids or meet friends!

We hope this will give you new and fun places to visit – and also give you ideas for ways to enjoy them in new and unique ways.

Vander Veer has a lot to offer all year round! You can spend a nice day outside walking around the outside of the park (1 Lap = .88 mile), or inside throughout the beautiful park grounds. Vander Veer is pet friendly, so bring your dog along on a leash and enjoy the weather.


215 W Central Park Ave, Davenport.

Fast facts about Vander Veer Park

  • A 34-acre botanical garden in the heart of Davenport.
  • Vander Veer was established in 1885 and is believed to be one of the first botanical parks west of the Mississippi River.
  • The park was built on the old Scott County Fairgrounds land and modeled after New York City’s Central Park and was originally named Central Park.
  • In 1912 the park was renamed after the first secretary of the Davenport Park Board Commissioners, A.W. Vander Veer. A conservatory, pavilion, and fountains were added later.

Vander Veer Park Conservatory is open year-round (check site for hours)

Vander Veer Park includes

  • A beautiful stone fountain located at the end of the ‘Grand Alee’ (sidewalk leading to the fountain) with plenty of benches and water fountains to stop and take a break and enjoy nature. The fountain would be a great place to take family pictures, too!
  • A great playground area for kids.
  • A lagoon with lots of ducks and walking path near the playground.
  • Botanical garden and conservatory. The summer theme is Pirates of Vander Veer! (Pirates have raised their flags and invaded Vander Veer. Enjoy marauding through the pirate themed floral displays, and plundering for treasure.)

Ways you can get active in Vander Veer

  • Bike along the park paths
  • Run/walk/sprint around the park (1 Lap =.88 mile)
  • Bench jumps
  • Decline pushups off a bench
  • Triceps dips on the bench
  • Have a competition who can run the farthest/longest
  • Do walking lunges together
  • Mom can do a plank and have child sit on their back
  • Bring a soccer ball and play back and fourth
  • Yoga in the park
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