“Outside the Box” Valentine’s Ideas When You’re Married


Over the years, Valentine’s Day has lost a lot of the appeal that it once held to me. I think once you become married you realize that it truly is a day that the marketing executives have designed and targeted to get people spending money after the break in January. Here are a few Valentine’s ideas when you’re married which focus more on the people we love and WHY we love them than spending gobs of money on them…

Here are some ideas that will help you think “out of the box” for the special love day that is fast approaching:

For a very reasonable idea:writing on the mirror with lipstick valentine's ideas for when you're married


Break out the lipstick after your special somebody has gone to bed, and write them a love note on a mirror in the house that you know they will see in the morning. This is a great way to show your love and devotion in the simplicity of your words!

If you feel the writing juices are flowing:

writing a note with conversation heartsalentine's ideas for when you're married


Run out to your local grocery store  and pick up a bag of Sweetheart candies. I promise you as soon as you start looking through the sayings on the candies, a quick, loving letter will come together in no time and you will have a good chuckle as you write with candy! This will be a huge hit for Valentine’s ideas when you’re married.


If you feel like being funny and/or are hungry:

Valentine's Ideas when you're married love note on donut bag

 Have you ever heard the expression “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”? Well, in my experience this is very true. Start his day off with a funny love note, and a donut filled morning!

Finally, if you feel like being crafty:


In my opinion, you can never go wrong with a coupon book. Whether it is breakfast in bed, picking a movie night, or surrendering in the middle of a disagreement, the coupons will be appreciated greatly.

Hopefully these ideas help you embrace this holiday meant for loved ones and fuel your desire to express your love as well! I know it sure helped me get in the mood for February 14th by creating them.

What special gifts do you have in mind for Valentine’s day?






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Erin H. is the wife to Joe and momma to Harper (October 2011). When she isn't playing the wife/mom role she loves to read a good book, spend time with friends and family, and sip on a glass of wine. Erin came to the QC from the burbs of Chicago and has loved the journey of making the QC her home. You can read more about Erin on her personal blog.



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