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One of my favorite things to do in college was to hop on my bike on a crisp autumn afternoon, ride to the downtown area, and study at a coffee shop. The air was delightfully pungent with the scent of moss and falling leaves. I felt completely carefree and at ease with my life. Biking in the fall is the perfect biking weather, in my humble opinion.

Biking is quite a bit more complicated these days, but it’s worth it if we can make a family bike ride happen. Getting out in the fresh air is wonderful, and we love biking or hiking in local parks. Our personal favorite is Scott County Park but I look forward to the chance to visit more throughout the Quad Cities!

Below is a list we’ve compiled that are great biking and hiking trails for you and your families to get out and enjoy!

  1. Duck Creek Bike Path (13.5 miles): This Davenport path starts at Emeis Park and runs right through the heart of Davenport and Bettendorf. There are eight city parks along this path that are great for rest stops and lunch times. Hiking or biking, it doesn’t matter; you’re sure to enjoy your family time on the Duck Creek Bike Path.
  2. Ben Butterworth Parkway/ Great River Trail (62.5 miles): This Illinois Path is great for families who bike a lot and want to travel farther.  You can park anywhere along it and take a delightful family hike as well. This trail heads along the Mississippi through Rock Island, Moline, Hampton and all the way to Savanna. Favorite parks along this trail include Schweibert Park and Empire Park.
  3. Riverway Trail (13 miles): This path runs through Downtown Davenport and Bettendorf, and offers amazing views of the Mississippi. On Saturday mornings be sure to check out the Freighthouse Farmers Market which offers lots of great food and activities for kids.
  4. Kiwanis Trail (6.5 miles): This biking trail runs along the Rock River in Illinois and is great for families because its super flat. Be sure to check out the Backwater Gamblers show schedule for another fun family activity to do along your bike trip!
  5. Sheridan Meadow Park (3 miles): This Eldridge path begins in Sheridan Meadows Park and travels north several miles to Long Grove. You’ll probably run into someone you know as you bike or hike along it.
  6. Paul Skettington Memorial Trail (Dewitt): This trail in Dewitt runs along Silver Creek and is approximately 1.3 miles long. This biking trail also offers several single track mountain bike trails as well.
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