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Ah, the humble taco. A dish so simple, yet so versatile, it’s won hearts all around the world. From the classic Mexican street food staple to innovative gourmet variations, tacos have become a beloved part of global cuisine. And there’s no better time to honor this delicious creation than on National Taco Day!

tacos in the quad cities areaCelebrating National Taco Day — October 4, 2023

So, how do you make the most of National Taco Day?

  1. Home-cooked Tacos: Try your hand at making tacos at home. Experiment with fillings, and don’t forget to jazz things up with toppings like guacamole, pico de gallo, and various salsas.
  2. Taco Party: Why not invite some friends over for a taco potluck? Each guest can bring a different filling or topping.
  3. Support Local: This is a fantastic opportunity to support local Mexican restaurants. Whether it’s a food truck, a family-owned joint, or a more upscale eatery, give them some love on National Taco Day.

Quad Cities Area Recommendations

These recommendations are based on a poll on Quad Cities Moms that readers/followers gave.

Abarrotes Carrilllo

Address: 903 W 3rd St, Davenport, IA
Phone Number: 563-323-0195

Acapulco Cafe

Address: 422 24th St, Rock Island, IL
Phone Number: 309-788-4258

Adolph’s Mexican Foods

Address: 4030 Kennedy Drive, East Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-755-8427

Baja Tacos And Shots

Address: 2526 Middle Rd, Bettendorf, IA
Phone Number: 563-551-6243

Cabos Cantina and Grill

Address: 1500 E. LeClaire Rd., Eldridge, IA
Phone Number: 563-285-9051


Address: 315 10th Ave W, Milan, IL
Phone Number: 309-787-7100

Cafe Lolitas

Address: 402 1st Ave, Silvis, IL 
Phone Number: 309-755-3352

Cocina Verde

Phone Number: 812-371-3555

Coya’s Cafe

Address: 4320 4th Avenue, Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-749-7626

Don Juan Mexican Cocina

Address: 1902 N Division St, Davenport, IA
Phone Number: 563-551-6341

Habanero’s in South Park Mall

Address: 4500 16th Street, Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-797-5020

Jennie’s Boxcar

Address: 545 12th Ave, East Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-429-3313

La Dueña Mexican Restaurant

Address: 545 12th Ave, East Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-429-3313

La Moreliana

Address: 1115 W 2 Street Unit D, Davenport, IA
Phone Number: 309-429-3313

La Rancherita

Address: 4118 14th Ave, Rock Island, IL
Phone Number: 309-794-1648

Laos Portales Moline

Address: 1231 5th Ave, Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-524-3123


Address: 3871 Elmore Ave Suite A, Davenport, IA
Phone Number: 563-551-6300

Los Amigos

Address: 2322 Spruce Hills Dr, Bettendorf, IA
Phone Number: 563-359-5216

Los Primos Mexican Grill

Address: 1143 E Locust St, Davenport, IA
Phone Number: 563-424-1111

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant

Address: 1714 7th St, Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-764-5252

Paleteria Y Dulceria San Jose

Address: 532 19th Ave, Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-721-2730

Rudy’s Cantina

Address: 2214 E 11th St, Davenport, IA
Phone Number: 563-322-0668

Supermercado Monarca

Address: 755 15th ave, East Moline, IL
Phone Number: 309-278-0267

Tacos Al Vapor

Phone Number: 309-721-9351

Taqueria Roly’s

Address: 3850 Blackhawk Rd. H5 & H7, Rock Island, IL
Phone Number: 309-517-6516

To all taco enthusiasts out there, National Taco Day isn’t just another day—it’s a celebration of culture, creativity, and culinary delight. Whether you’re whipping up a batch at home, partying with friends, or supporting local businesses, here’s to enjoying every bite. Happy National Taco Day! 🌮


Directory Disclosure:

Please be advised that the listings within this business directory may 
not be all-inclusive or exhaustive. We strive to provide accurate and 
up-to-date information, but there may be businesses not listed or changes 
in details that have occurred post-publication. Before visiting or 
contacting any business, we strongly recommend verifying their current 
address, location, operating hours, and any other pertinent details to 
ensure a successful experience. This directory should be used as a starting 
point for your own due diligence and is not an endorsement of any 
particular business or service.


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