The Quad City Moms Blog has a series of play dates going on this summer. We’ve hosted two park play dates at different parks in the Quad City area and we have three more to go.quad city moms blog playdate Pre-K and Kompany Kona Ice Park Playdates Family Fun in the Quad Cities

Our primary park play date sponsor, Pre-K and Kompany sets up a table with fun activities for the kids. This last time they hid alphabet letters in jelly water beads and let the kids hunt for them. 


They are so interactive and wonderful with the children (as you’d expect!), helping them learn while playing. The ladies from Pre-K and Kompany really love their jobs and it shows all over!



There are also things happening in the local neighborhood groups. Join your town’s Moms Connecting  group on Facebook. If your ” (City Name) Moms Connecting” group seems kind of dead, get some conversations going! Tell people when you’re going for a walk and invite others!

We had a super special visitor to the park this time!

One mom had this to say about his delicious wares:

Today my girls had their first snow cones EVER! They were super impressed with the sugary experience!



I was impressed because the Kona Ice guy was SUPER passionate about what he does!! He happily discussed the sugar types and dyes in the syrups (he has some syrups that are dye free and sugar free-made with stevia). We opted for the colorful syrups that were made from Stevia and real cane sugar!

Paul Fuller of Kona Ice of Davenport offers deliciousness to the waiting crowd. Be sure to follow him on Facebook to know where the trucks will be next!


We will happily spend our money with Kona Ice for special treats because of his passion for his business!


No one even asked her to say that. She had a good experience and wanted to share it with others.

That’s what I love about our community. When we have questions, we ask the other moms. When we love something, we tell other moms. 

We might show up at a park play date not knowing anyone, but we leave with a smile on our face, because we met some new friends.

We have a lot to look forward to for our last three play dates of the summer. I have some special surprises up my sleeve.


August brings us two more play dates at different parks and we’re working on special things for those as well. I’m not going to say exactly but it rhymes with Mice Meme. That one will be at Riverside Park in Moline. Thank you to Vibrant Credit Union for that amazing treat. 

We’re going to have some amazing entertainment at the next play date on the 24th, in the form of a hip hop performance and lessons for any who want to try it! Juan Valtierra of Refl3x Hip Hop is going to blow your socks off! Well, likely, because it’s summer, you’re probably not wearing socks, and it just doesn’t sound right to say he’s going to blow off your feet.

RE-FL3X offers beginning classes and advanced dance workshops through the QC United
studio located at “The Center” (1411 Brady St Davenport, Iowa 52803) .


For more information about dance classes, contact Juan at 309-749-5667. You can also
follow RE-FL3X on Facebook where you can find videos of the workshops.

We’re going to be at Schwiebert Park and Splash Pad on the 24th so you may want to consider swimsuits and towels for the kids!

On August 6, come to a park play date at Duck Creek Park, and our final park hop play date of the summer will be at Riverside Park in Moline.

It is free- yes, but tickets ARE required for the activities and treats. 

One request: Please don’t get tickets unless you’re really going to attend the event. We have to set a limit so our sponsors and vendors know what to prepare for. If you take tickets and don’t show up, you’re not allowing someone else who could attend to come. I appreciate your consideration for others!

Lots of you want to come to these totally FREE park play dates, but tickets are only available for one play date at a time so as not to be confusing.  Hope to see you at our park hop play dates!

Jessica is a home educator and owner of QC Moms. She lives in a geriatric, temperamental Victorian home with her six children ages 16, 14, 12, 10, 8 and 5. She is passionate about natural living, homeschooling her wild and free children, gentle parenting, and trying to glorify God in her daily life. If there is any time left over, she enjoys reading, her planner, reading, cooking, writing, baking, Netflix and Facebook, reading, and learning new things. She used to write at


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