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Fashion can mean something different to everyone. We all have our own sense of style, whether it’s straight from the pages of Vogue or LL Bean. Everything from shoes to dresses to jewelry are aspects of fashion we choose to wear. The best accessorying in our humble opinion is babywearing! You’ll always look fashionable keeping your little one close and convenient!

Babywearing has been around for YEARS! Many cultures and societies babywear and you can too! The best part, other than your cute kid being close to you, is there are SO many various styles, types, and ways you can stylishly babywear. Just as we shop for shoes, you can shop for your preferred type of baby carrier. You can choose a ring sling, a woven wrap, a moby, a mei tai, an ergo. After you choose which type you want, you can choose a print and/or color. It is just AMAZING how many options there are!

Ring Slings

Ring Sling

Ring slings may take some practice, but are great once you get the hang of it. They are light and come in multiple colors and patterns.

Structured Baby Carrier


Most people are familiar with a structured baby carrier. Some name brands that may be familiar are Ergo or Tula.  They come in a few patterns and many different solid colors. You can wear baby facing forward or on your back. Whether you are walking the dog or out shopping, the structured baby carrier is a great way to stylishly babywear and show off your little cutie pie.

Stretchy Wraps


Stretchy wraps are also a well-known baby carrier. They are soft and come in different patterns, as well as, colors. Used for smaller babies and are great for cuddling newborns. 

You can also use the same long piece of fabric in a nonstretchy fabric and wear your older baby or toddler on your front or back and look stylish babywearing for years!

Mei Tai

Mei Tai

Mei Tais are one of the easier baby carriers to learn. You can wear forward facing or in a baby carry. These come in a ton of prints, so whatever your style you can find a print to match your outfit or personality.

Woven Wraps

Woven Wrap

Woven wraps are take the longest to get the hang of, but once mastered, there are so many ways to carry your little one. As you can see in the pictures, not one wrap is worn the same and they are all different patterns. Whatever you are wearing, there is a pattern to match for stylish babywearing. 

Woven wrap collection stylish babywearing
If you decide woven wraps are for you, you could even compile a collection like this Quad City babywearer!

Wear your toddler!

Wear your big kids!

Baby wearing is not just for your itty bitty babies. Many of these carriers also work for toddlers and your “big kids”.

Tandem Baby Wearing

Tandem Babywearing stylish babywearing

Have two kids? Carry them both!

Even Daddies Baby Wear!

Daddy Baby Wear

Parenting is a job for both moms and dads and daddies do look ADORABLE wearing their babies! Good job dads; you take stylish babywearing to the next level!

Stylish Babywearing Group

These are just a few of the babywearers here in the Quad Cities! As you can see, they are all gorgeous wearing their little sweet peas. Each one has their own style and their own type of carrier. The Quad City Crunchy Mama group offers lots of tips on stylish babywearing.

Accessorize by wearing your baby, they are the perfect addition to any outfit!

**Disclaimer: babywearing needs to be safe and comfortable for you and baby. This is not a post on the safety of carriers, so MAKE SURE you practice, read instructions, and research! Please don’t wear your baby facing out. And remember, keep baby close enough to kiss!**

Here is a great resource:

Do you like to use a baby carrier? If so, which is your favorite? 


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