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Anyone who grew up in Iowa, likely knows how important corn is to our state – for a multitude of reasons. And when you think of corn, sweet corn is probably what comes to mind. Not much beats fresh corn on the cob in the summer! But did you know that in Iowa, just 1% of the corn we grow is sweet corn? The other 99% is referred to as field corn. Most of this field corn goes into feeding livestock – pigs, poultry and cattle – and is used to make ethanol, a renewable fuel option. But many other products depend on corn, too. In fact, a typical grocery store contains 4,000 items that list corn ingredients on the label!

Iowa Corn is a farmer-led organization that works to create educational and marketing opportunities for the long-term sustainability of Iowa’s corn farmers. They are sharing about their upcoming #iowanswin campaign – along with some fun facts about corn!

97% of Iowa’s Farms are Family-Owned

97% of Iowa’s farms are family-owned, and Iowa grows more corn than any other state, meaning it’s primarily families that are behind the crop that positively impacts our lives in so many different ways. 

Ethanol: A win for your health and the environment.

Iowa produces more corn-based ethanol than any other state giving you an abundance of choice at the pump. Choosing ethanol at the pump means a healthier environment and healthier you. Ethanol helps reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 43% while also decreasing the amount of particulate matter, carbon monoxide and other toxins in our air – something your lungs and overall respiratory health will thank you for.

Feeding Animals

Corn is such a versatile crop that one of the by-products of ethanol, dried distillers grains, is frequently used as a low-cost feed ingredient that’s rich in protein, fat, minerals and vitamins that animals need. Basically, we can thank corn for the meat, dairy and eggs we all enjoy. Not to mention the countless number of other products that can be made from corn.

When Corn Grows Iowa, Iowans Win.

We like to say Iowa grows corn, but the truth is – Corn Grows Iowa. You’ve probably experienced the “highway view” of corn as you travel through Iowa. But take a closer look, and you’ll discover the many connections you have to corn. And those connections, big and small, translate into wins for you, wins for farmers, wins for Iowans.

#iowanwins Campaign

It’s easy to get bogged down by the negativity in our world. Food prices, fuel prices – the challenges you’ve faced at home are ones that farm families have faced, too. 

It’s fair to say we could all use a little positivity in our lives and celebrate the everyday wins, no matter how small or seemingly ordinary. The fun thing about this is it looks different for everyone, yet we can all relate to those everyday delights when we see them:

  • The farm parent having help from their toddler to scout the corn crops. 
  • The new mom FINALLY getting more than a few hours of sleep at night. 
  • The perfect fall day spent boating on the Mississippi or exploring the local state parks.
  • Attending a football game.
  • Cooking and baking adventures with your kids that actually go okay.
  • Fun and delicious finds at the Freight House Farmer’s Market or Mercado on Fifth… and more!  

Farmer, urbanite, young, old – there are so many great moments that we all can relate to and that make us smile. Let’s see how #iowanswin, together. Head to your social media channels this fall and use hashtag #iowanswin to show us your ‘wins’ (big and small!). We look forward to celebrating with you – and if you tag @qcmoms on Instagram – we will also share your wins to our Instagram stories!

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