Renting Clothes 101 | Three Places I Have Rented From


There are countless benefits to renting your clothes; whether it is to cut down on waste and the discarding of clothes, trying on different styles without committing, attending a fancy event and needing a one time piece, or if you are pregnant and in between sizes. Over the years I have rented for all of these reasons and have been happy, surprised, and sometimes disappointed with my rental. I am sharing all I know about renting and where I have rented from so that you can spare yourself the disappointment and skip right to the happy and satisfied!

I have rented clothes from three companies to date – Rent the Runway, Nuuly, and Armoire. I am sure there are others but these are the three I know about and have used personally. In the following paragraphs I will share my opinion and experience on pros, cons, and what purpose I believe the clothes from each site best serve.

Rent The Runway

Best to rent for: Weddings and other special events.

Pros: I have had great experiences renting from Rent the Runway. The items are good quality and fashionable, you get what you see basically. Another great benefit to Rent the Runway is that they give you another size option for free, so if you are renting a dress for an upcoming wedding and are in between sizes or just not sure what the best fit will be, you can order two different sizes in the same dress, for the price of one.

Cons: More pricey


Best to rent for: Everyday casual items, coats, and outerwear.

Price: 6 items for $93.50 per month, only option.

Pros: Nuuly has lots of variety of brands and what you can rent. This is definitely the site I have rented from the most. I have rented everything from coats, pants, dresses, tops, to now maternity clothing.

Cons: With a lot of variety can also come sizing confusion. With Nuuly it is important to read the ratings and reviews from past customers who have rented the items. I have had the best luck renting sweaters, coats and outerwear from Nuuly. Pants can be a little tricky.


Best to rent for: Work and maternity!

Price: You can rent 4 items for $69 per month, and up from there, with three options.

Pros: I was very pleasantly surprised with the clothes I rented from this site and their quality. Needless to say, the quality was great and all items fit how I intended them to. I rented a jacket, jeans, work pants, and a work dress.

Cons: I personally did not feel that Armoire offered much of a variety in terms of clothing.

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