Put Your Stuff AWAY a.k.a. All I Want for Mother’s Day


The best gift of all is to not have to pick up after my family. It’s not my job to clean up after them; it’s my job to teach them how to be productive members of the family and society and to help them learn to clean up after themselves! But why is it so hard when I daily say “Put your stuff away!”?

Dear Family, 

I just want you to put your stuff away.

I try not to ask for much. We’ve never really been a gift giving family on Mother’s or Father’s day. This year, however, I do have a few requests that is really a gift to all of us. 

I know its not fun to wash dishes but I’d rather not get Ebola because you just wiped a fork off with your shirt and put it back in the drawer. 

I walked past your pile of used tissues. Were you planning a magic trick that would somehow move itself from its spot to the trash can? Please. Just put your stuff away.

put your stuff away pick up your stuffThe trash can is a magical container that holds all things you no longer want. That banana peel for example. I don’t know why it was left to further brown itself on the counter and collect fruit flies -oh wait- maybe its a science experiment I didn’t know about?

You have such great fashionable clothing choices and while your clothes look great on you they look less appealing when they lay on the floor right next to the laundry basket. I promise it won’t hurt to reach down, pick up and put the clothing directly into the basket. Put. Your. Stuff. Away.

pick up your stuff put your stuff away

It could just be me but I usually keep the toothpaste on my toothbrush. I see all the toothpaste chunks in the sink and worry you have some terrible mouth disease that toothpaste..or even food…is falling out of holes in the side of your cheeks. There were an awful lot of popcorn kernels where I last saw you sitting….

Stepping on that lego was a thrilling surprise, especially when I thought I had navigated the lego minefield with success. 

The panic over your inability to find your phone charger…wow.  I thought something terrible was happening, like a house fire, not just that your phone is at 57%. 

No. I really don’t know where your shoes are. I could be funny and hide them just for the “sole” purpose of making us all late, while we look for your shoes 5 minutes after we were supposed to leave but I don’t enjoy that “game”. 

Oh dear, dear, family. If you put your stuff away all day, every day we would have an amazingly clean and tidy home. Then again we wouldn’t have great stories of finding your shoes in your hand while we frantically searched for them for 10 minutes. I also wouldn’t get the extra stretching my old back desperately needs if I didn’t have to lean over and pick up all the stray socks next to the laundry basket. This Mother’s Day I plan to enjoy my time with you, my family, in or out of the mess. I will step over the legos(hopefully), ignore the toothpaste in the sink and smile.

I’ll smile because of who you all are to me but mostly I’ll smile because one day, dear family, you will have a house of your own and you’ll repeat the infamous “mom words” that you swear you’ll never say…




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