Ted Lasso’s Parenting Playbook: Because Who Knew Soccer Could Teach Us How to Handle Toddlers


Pop quiz: Name an American football coach lost in British soccer, that’s unexpectedly giving us major parenting vibes? Ding Ding! It’s “Ted Lasso”.  If you’ve missed this gem because you’ve been knee-deep in diapers or trying to decode your teen’s texts, here’s the lowdown:

  1. Lead with Empathy

    Ted Lasso might lead with his heart, but if you’ve ever tried negotiating with a toddler or a teen, you know that’s our secret weapon, too. When kiddos meltdown, often they don’t need a solution. They need a snack… or sleep… or for us to just listen.

“You think being sad’s bad? Try being sad AND alone. Parenting mantra, anyone?” – Ted Lasso (kinda)

  1. Cheer for Their Oops Moments

    Ted’s all about embracing those blunders on the field. Because if kids didn’t make mistakes, how would they ever learn? Or give us those hilarious stories we share at family gatherings?

“Don’t scold. Be curious. Not judgmental. Or just laugh a little (on the inside)!” – Ted Lasso

  1. Be Their Ultimate Fan

    Ted believes in his players like it’s his job (well, because it is). But we parents? We invented the “believe in you” game even when they insist on wearing mismatched shoes or pursuing a career as a professional “Fortnite” player.

“You’re sure you’re a dinosaur today? Maybe you’re a superhero. Or both!” – Ted Lasso

  1. Team Family!

    Mr. Lasso is all about how the community feels. And isn’t that just a posh way of saying “teamwork makes the dream work”? Get those kiddos involved! Even if it’s just passing the remote.

“Life’s goal? Helping these munchkins be their best. Even if their best today is a couch potato.” – Ted Lasso

  1. Stay Cheerful Amidst the Chaos

    Parenting is like that game where you’re never quite winning but never quite losing either. Ted’s optimism? That’s our daily pep talk. Yes, they drew on the walls, but hey, maybe we’ve got a budding Picasso?

“Parenting’s like riding a wild horse. If it feels easy, you’re probably doing it… wait, is there an easy way?” – Ted Lasso

Wrapping it up, “Ted Lasso” might be all about football, biscuits, and mustaches, but it’s also a masterclass in relationship goals. Next parenting hurdle? Channel your inner Ted. Because if he can handle soccer, surely we can handle a teen’s mood swings.

“Parenting throws curveballs, but as Ted says, it’s the rebound that counts. Or was that a basketball analogy?” – Inspired by Ted Lasso

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