I talked about myself in ways I would never let another person.

When I read those words I broke. I’m completely guilty of talking negatively to myself, and never thought about the repercussions. 

I tiredly get up and look into the mirror -white hairs settled into my bangs, bags under my eyes.Old.

  • I get dressed and feel guilt and shame wash over me as my clothes fit tighter than last week. Fat. 
  • I rush the kids out the door, one is crying about not having a shirt washed for the day. Mom fail.
  • I’m late to get my teens out the door and run into having to wait for a train. Angry. Have bad thoughts about teens. 
  • I go to work and I half halfheartedly do my job. Employee fail.
  • Crabby to my husband over text. Wife fail.

 Negativity spawned from obstacles, trials and letting negative thoughts invade my mind throughout the day. How often do I try to stop those toxic labels and replace it with something positive? #never

Most of the time I let the days events dictate my emotions and I just feed off of that, swirling into the abyss which can go on for days. How many times do we think we can deal with ourselves later or hang on until that next coffee date with a friend where we can finally unload and refresh?

Time to Change:

What if we stopped the negative in its tracks?

Or even anticipated it?

I’m probably still going to wake up and see that stupid white hair beaming in the light of day, but instead of just calling myself old I’m gonna shrug it off and buy yet another box of hair dye.  Maybe I’ll slap some post it notes on my mirror and read the affirming and true statements. I’ll worry less about unfinished laundry, hug my kids and send them to school as on time as we can be in the washed clothes that they DO have. As I  work and do my job, listen to some tunes and focus my thoughts on how I can be more grateful for what I have. I’ll send my husband and ooey gooey lovey dovey text instead of waiting or responding. 

My whole day can change-and maybe even it can change my husband and children’s day as well. I want my life to be something my daughters and son will look to and say, my mom took care of herself and spoke positively about herself-so I will too. None of us are going to be  Positive Pollyana 100% of the time, but we can do better at stopping the negative thoughts before they overwhelm our lives.

I’ll even take this a step further to encourage you to take a stand for yourself. If you have someone in your life that speaks negatively towards you or about you, you do not have to stick around. Even if they are fun to be around, it isn’t worth it for your own health and recognize the time may be to move on. Surround yourself with family and friends who will uplift and speak positively about you and to you. 

How do you make sure to keep negativity out of your daily life?

Check out Dr. Caroline Leaf for more ways to change the negative to the positive!




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