Nature is Healing


Nature is healing. Who can say that they’ve taken a walk in the woods or watched the sunrise from a deserted beach and not felt calmer – more at peace?
Science is starting to figure out how exactly this rejuvenation or refreshment of our soul that affects our mind, spirit and physical well -being comes about. In a sense, nature helps heal us.

The Natural Places we Escape to can Calm our Soul, Body and Mind

There are four elements on our planet – earth, air, fire, and water. The natural places we escape to – the ocean crashing on the shore, a small stream trickling through the woods, the wind that makes the pine trees whisper, even the sounds of birds chirping at your backyard feeder – these places invoke a feeling of calm in our soul. Nature sounds relax the brain, affecting your entire body. We are creatures of the earth, and can depend on the earth to refresh us. So – how can we tap into this refreshment and healing?

Whenever possible, allow yourself a 15 minute break in the natural world every day.

A quiet walk in a neighborhood pocket park before sunset – a short drive or bike ride to a local hiking spot where you can lose yourself in the woods for a few minutes – a stroll or time spent sitting on a bench watching the Mississippi River roll by from one of our many QC riverfront parks. All of these ways to immerse yourself in nature can create a lasting peace to help balance a hectic day. Or create a spot in your own backyard with a fountain, a few plants and a shade tree. The essential in all this is that you take 15 minutes each day to let nature wash over you. No phones, no interruptions, no thoughts of what you will cook for dinner or where the kids need to go next.

Just time to observe – to hear – to smell – to feel.

nature is healing even in the winter photo of wooded area as seen from over a bike's handlebars

I challenge you to let nature into your life every day for one month– welcome its healing presence by scheduling yourself a daily respite – a retreat to nature.
Commit to let nature cleanse your soul, spirit, body and mind every day for a month. Evaluate your daily mood after a month – has your 15 minutes a day in nature made a difference in your attitude? Your patience level?

I’d love to hear how it affects you. I’ve been making it a habit for the past couple of months, and have really noticed a change in how I handle situations that used to make me tense. I’m hoping it works as well for you. Give yourself 15 minutes in nature and let the healing begin!

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