My Journey to Motherhood


I am obsessed with birth stories. Even before I had my daughter, I loved listening to other moms share the story of how they brought their baby into the world. Giving birth is, without a doubt, the craziest and most magical thing a person can do. I share my story because I’ve been told it’s a pretty wild ride and those are fun stories, aren’t they?

Of all the scenarios that had run through my head about going into labor, being 36 weeks pregnant and my water breaking while I was sleeping had not been one of them. 


I woke up around 4 in the morning and had to pee, of course, but decided I didn’t feel like getting up so I fell back asleep instead. I woke up about an hour later and still felt like I needed to pee. BUT I also felt a very warm wet sensation there. I reached my hand to feel around and I was soaking wet, but I still really had to pee? I was SO confused. Then it hit me.


After some investigating and finally relieving myself, I called my mom and the after-hours doctor’s line to tell them I thought my water had broken and I was in labor. They told me to get packed up and head to the ER and tell them that Labor & Delivery was expecting me. There was a lot of nervous laughter and nausea between my husband and me, as I was only 36 weeks and 2 days. Plus, our house was in the middle of renovation…like the drywall and mudding stage…  and we didn’t have a nursery or anything set up for a newborn baby.


The initial hour or so at the hospital was confirming that my water had indeed broken and I hadn’t just peed myself (I had not) and getting me into a delivery room. Then began the waiting game. It took a while but around 4 pm labor picked up and the pain was starting to become intense. I was told it was okay to get the epidural so I could relieve some pain. I agreed it was time and then they ruined my whole day…


The anesthesiologist didn’t want to give me an epidural until after 10 pm because of previous medical issues/medications. That was SIX hours away. Lucky for me, modern medicine has some other tricks up her sleeve that helped until I was able to get the epidural. Once I did, the intensity of labor almost completely vanished. I was about 6 cm and 100% effaced so it could take no time or it could be hours…


It was hours and 2 am before I was ready to push.


Then, I pushed for four hours. FOUR HOURS. Of hard, intense pushing. And here’s the craziest part of my whole delivery story…


MY CONTRACTIONS WOULD STOP. Completely and utterly stop if the midwife was in the room. I disliked her and my body knew she was bad news. But still, trying to purposefully stop your contractions is like trying to stop a freight train on a dime! It doesn’t happen. But it did for me if she was near me! My contractions were coming 2 minutes apart like clockwork but would cease for over 10 minutes on at least 4 occasions of her coming in to check on me. Talk about bad vibes. My body was having such a visceral reaction to a person that it stopped LABOR. Even my nurse was shocked.


When I passed the 3-hour mark of pushing, they finally woke up the actual OB doctor on call to have her come take over. I became “critical” and she told me it was time to get this baby out. Now.


It wasn’t the next round of contractions or even the ones after that, but I started making some real progress, and the next thing I knew, I was feeling the most intense and relieving sensation ever. My baby was here and I heard her tiny cry. The best sound in the world.


Labor was hard on my body. It took an hour to get all fixed up. I lost a liter of blood. I was EXHAUSTED from 25 hours of labor. Things were a bit shaky in the immediate aftermath. I almost passed out in the shower they gave me and I was having a hard time taking deep breaths because my lungs were tired from pushing so hard for so long. I needed a blood transfusion, an iron infusion, blood thinners, blood pressure medication, and so on. But even through the postpartum mess, I was in bliss. The journey to motherhood is WILD, hard, and beautiful. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Lexi! I am a stay-at-home mom with a one-year-old daughter. I’m on a never-ending journey learning to balance motherhood and small business!

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