Make the First Day Back to School Memorable! (with a FREE printable sign)


Back to school is an exciting time of year! It can also be anxiety inducing in some kids (and their moms!), especially when you consider the year we’ve all just had. We’ve compiled ways to make the first day of school memorable and fun, and hopefully ease the transition into a new school year.

We asked on Facebook what you all do to make the first day of school memorable and you have some great ideas- both for the kids and for us moms!

Make the first day back to school memorable for mom

  • Angel’s advice is to “Get them out the door so mama can relax and have a day to herself since she couldn’t all summer!”
  • Cheryl suggests to make a back to school bucket list, and put on there the things you couldn’t do with the kids at home. 
  • Anne goes out to breakfast with other moms after the kids are safely at school.
  • Go on a special outing just for you. 

Make the first day back to school memorable for kids

Sarah tries to make the first day back as special and memorable as possible with these ideas:

  • The day before is always an ice cream lunch
  • Porch picture
  • Chalkboard signs (use our free printable to save time!)
  • Outfit lay out night before
  • Mom and dad at bus pick up and drop off
  • 20 million pictures

Our author Becky has some other traditions you could try:

  • first day doughnut
  • special outfit
  • chalkboard sign
  • dinner of their choice

Local moms like Stephanie have great ideas such as reading the book The Kissing Hand the night before, or taking a special trip the week before school starts. Ginny tells us that they always love decorating for Halloween two weeks after the first day of school to make back to school memorable.make the first day back to school memorable

Great ideas for back to school photos

 Use our chalkboard sign printable, put it in a simple frame,  and use it to document important details. Write on it with white crayon for an authentic back to school chalkboard sign look.

  • Have your child wear his or her backpack.
  • Use school books as a chair for an added touch.
  • Put a globe or an apple in the photo to give that traditional back to school vibe.
  • DON’T try to do this the actual first day of school- you don’t need that added stress!
  • Have our chalkboard sign printable printed in poster size at a copy shop for maximum impact. 
  • Have more than one little one at home? Have siblings take their first day of school photo together. 
  • Have the child hold up a tee shirt with their graduation year printed on it!
  • Take a photo on the front porch
  • Have the kids pose in front of their school’s sign (again, NOT on the actual first day to reduce your stress!)
  • Plan to take a “First Day of” and “Last Day of” photo to see how your child has grown over the course of the school year.
  • Katie suggests taking the first day of school photo in front of a growth chart to see how much of a difference each year brings. make the first day back to school memorable
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