A Mom’s Guide to Maintaining Routines While Traveling with Young Kids


As a mom who loves to travel with my young kids, maintaining routines is crucial for ensuring our trips go smoothly and everyone stays happy and healthy. Here are some strategies I’ve found helpful:

traveling with kids
  1. Plan Ahead: Before we even leave home, I make a detailed itinerary that includes our travel schedule, meal times, nap times, and any planned activities. Having a plan in place helps us stay organized and reduces stress.
  2. Stick to Sleep Schedules: I try to keep my children’s sleep schedules as consistent as possible, even when we’re on the road. This means sticking to their regular bedtime routines and making sure they get enough rest each night. I also try to plan our travel around nap times whenever possible.
  3. Bring Comfort Items: Packing familiar comfort items like favorite stuffed animals, blankets, or bedtime books can help create a sense of security for young children, especially in unfamiliar environments.
  4. Maintain Meal Routines: While traveling, it’s easy to slip into unhealthy eating habits, but I try to stick to our regular meal routines as much as possible. I pack healthy snacks and try to find accommodations with kitchenettes so we can prepare some of our own meals.
  5. Build in Downtime: Traveling can be exhausting for little ones, so I make sure to build in plenty of downtime for relaxation and play. This might mean scheduling breaks between activities or allowing for quiet time in our hotel room.
  6. Stay Flexible: Despite our best efforts, things don’t always go according to plan when traveling with kids. I’ve learned to stay flexible and go with the flow, adjusting our schedule as needed to accommodate unexpected delays or changes.
  7. Encourage Independence: Depending on the age of your children, encouraging independence can help them feel more secure while traveling. Letting them help pack their own bags or choose activities can give them a sense of control over their environment.
  8. Communicate Expectations: I find that communicating expectations with my kids before we travel helps set the stage for a successful trip. I let them know what to expect in terms of activities, routines, and behavior so there are no surprises.
  9. Be Patient and Positive: Traveling with young children can be challenging at times, but maintaining a positive attitude and showing patience goes a long way. I try to approach each day with a sense of adventure and make the journey as enjoyable as possible for everyone involved.
By following these tips and staying organized, I’ve found that it’s possible to maintain routines while traveling with young kids, allowing us to create lasting memories together as a family.
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