Gift giving is definitely my love language. In another life I’d love to be a personal shopper, though the real joy for me is watching someone open a gift I purchased that is just right. I especially like finding unique ideas that fit unique personalities. Gift ideas for kids who like to figure things out are at the top of my list because I’m surrounded by that type of kid!

Here are five ideas for kids that like puzzles and figuring things out. I’ve suggested ages, but it really will depend on the kid and how patient and interested they are in…figuring things out.

Push and Pop Up Toy – ages 18 months – 3
There are so many versions of this toy and kids love them all. Our boys loved this Vintage Fisher Price Farm Animals one the best. 

Kids Farm Pop up ToyMelissa and Doug Wooden Latches Board – ages 3-5
Hooks, slides, knobs, and turning pieces all open and shut these colorful doors. This gift idea for kids who like to figure things out will keep them entertained and proud of accomplishing the intricate yet easy latches.
Kids Toy: Latches house

Three Little Piggies Deluxe – ages 4-8
Another gift idea for kids who like to figure things out is one of my favorites. There is a flat “peg” board type piece. There are three rubber pigs and a wolf that are kind of pegs that fit in the board. There also are three configurations of pieces with houses on them. In the booklet, there are pages that show where to place the pigs and wolf. Then, you have to figure out how to arrange the house pieces around the pig and wolf, so they fit. It’s a bit like Tetris with the pigs and the wolf forcing the different shaped house pieces around them.

gift ideas: two boys playing the piggie gamePuzzle Buzz Magazine – ages 3-7
Definitely a HUGE win in our house, Puzzle Buzz is a magazine of fun hidden pictures, sticker pages, and “finding” exercises. This is especially handy for us when we are at baseball games for older siblings or somewhere we need the younger kids to be occupied. Doing Puzzle Buzz activities will keep our kids occupied for a good half hour. Of course, the bonus is that new ones come every month!
kids toys: puzzle buzz

Snap Circuits – ages 4-10
The set comes with electric components like wires, batteries, fans, bells and whistles. The pieces “snap” together to create an electrical circuit. When you do it right, something “happens” such as a noise or a sound or a light bulb lighting up. My nephew loves Snap Circuits. I honestly think he started doing them by the time he was four. They just made sense to him and he really enjoyed “solving” the puzzle and making the circuit work. Now we have the perfect gift ideas for kids who like to figure things out and gift him with the more advanced sets. 

woman and boy (kid) doing snap circuitsRush Hour – age 8-adult
This is a more complicated version of the sliding puzzle where you move pieces around until you get a picture. For Rush Hour, you get a “parking lot” and there are about a dozen cars on the parking lot. You’re provided with cards of how to place the cars. Then, you have to rearrange the cars until you get one designated car “out” of the parking lot.  

Kids goys rush hour game

Speed Cube – ages 8-adult
This past summer a boy on our 9-year-old’s baseball team had what I would call a Rubix Cube and he completed it in a couple minutes. Being a kid who likes to figure things out, Oliver was fascinated. The boy gave him the cube and some tips on how to learn to solve it quickly. Oliver spent a few days watching YouTube videos and practicing. His fastest solve is 45 seconds. He loves having this fun talent. He also loves teaching friends.

I’d really recommend getting a fast, smooth turning cube instead of the original Rubix Cube as it doesn’t move or turn as easily as these “smooth” ones and is much easier for learning and achieving faster and faster times. There are a lot of varieties of speed cubes. We recommend the ones without stickers.

kids toys: speed cube
Oliver’s friend Liam now has a collection of fun speed cubes, too!

gift ideas for kids who like to figure things out pinterest graphic

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