DIY Valentine’s | Flower Tootsie Pops


I’m creative to my core. I love to design things and create things. Before I had kids, I thought for sure I’d be the Pinterest mom – perfect lunch boxes, crafts galore, you know what I’m talking about.

Turns out – I’m not. I still do fun things with my kids. But, when you have 3 kids under 5 and you’re running an interior design business, a retail shop, and a trying to keep up with life and the household – those ‘Pinterest’ things aren’t a priority. I’m in that season of life where I buy a snack at the store on the way to an event, no time for baking something at home!

Last year around this time I was feeling extra creative. Valentine’s Day was approaching and my daughter had her first Valentine’s Day party to attend and she needed something to pass out.

Back in the day, we’d create elaborate Valentine’s Day boxes and take them to school. I loved creating those at home. Thinking back to how much fun I had with those, I decided to make something extra creative with my daughter for Valentine’s Day.

Flower Tootsie Pops

My daughter LOVES all things flowers so I knew this would be a hit.

Here’s how we did it:

(Full disclosure, this IS totally a Pinterest project so if you’re in the season of life where you just buy them from the store that’s okay, too. I totally get it.)


Step One

Using the felt, cut out hearts of similar sizes, and a leaf with a long stem for each Tootsie Pop.

Step Two

Using the hot glue, attach the hearts around the Tootsie Pop – some overlapping each other.

Step Three

Attach the stem around the stick of the Tootsie Pop.

Step Four

Create a little tag using the craft paper and write a little note or who it’s from and attach it with some ribbon.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed helping put these together and was SO excited to pass them out to her class. Did it take some extra time? Yes. But it was worth the memories and effort to be a Pinterest Mom for a day.

Do you have any fun Valentine’s Day ideas? I just might do something fun again this year!

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