There is so much excitement when a new baby arrives! That excitement was shared by our family and friends. We were touched by the number of meals that were gifted to us when both our children were born. It was such a thoughtful gesture. Food is the way to our hearts!

Those first few weeks are a a big adjustment for the entire family and there is nothing that can describe the sleep deprivation we experienced each time. We appreciated the nutrition and the love the came packaged in those meals. 

These are my five favorite meals we received and have since made for other families with newborns. HINT: Always double the recipe so you have a meal for your family, too! 

Cheeseburger Pie
This is one that I still make for my family. I usually make three or four of these at a time because the recipe is so easy. I really dislike the Bisquick version that many others make so I use this recipe that calls for pie crust. I find that the pickles really make this recipe stand out and I always use the refrigerated pickles because they have more crunch. 

Walking Tacos
I would have never thought of this but someone brought this meal for us and we loved it. I could eat whenever I needed and I could tailor the tacos to each person. It’s also just fun to have a taco in a bag. The only downside is that this meal can’t be frozen to be used later. However, you could freeze the taco meat and provide the chips. The rest could be purchased later. 

Bowtie Skillet Lasagna
This is another meal that I continue to make, and I also order this meal during my DISH group at Hy-Vee. I modify this recipe so it’s a bit friendlier for the receiving family. I make the meat and mix it with some spaghetti sauce. I put this in a freezer bag and then include a box of bowtie noodles and one small container of plain Greek yogurt separately. This allows the family to freeze the meat mixture and use it when they are ready. The family just needs to cook the noodles and warm up the meat mixture. Once the sauce is warm, stir in the Greek yogurt. Then pour this over the noodles and the meal is complete. The recipe calls for sour cream but I prefer the Greek yogurt. 

Chicken Enchiladas – perfect for the freezer
This is a great meal to gift someone because it’s so easy for them. They simply unwrap it and stick in the oven. It’s a great meal for the freezer. Sometimes I use ground beef instead of chicken depending on the sales that week. I really love getting whole organic chickens from Aldi’s or Sam’s Club and I make these in my Instant Pot. The chicken is so tender! It always provides a lot of meat that I use for Greek yogurt chicken salad and then I have organic chicken bones that I use to make my own broth in my Instant Pot. 

Spaghetti Pie
I was actually surprised by this meal. My first reaction was, “Spaghetti is so easy to make. Why would it be better in pie form?” It’s definitely better in pie form, and it’s great because you can freeze it and it’s an entire meal in one piece. You have cheese, veggies, and carbs together – it’s perfect to feed a family after a sleepless night. I also modify this recipe – I don’t use the green peppers. 

I love using my Cake Doctor book. Each recipe tells you how you can freeze the cake and for how long. This is a nice gift for a family that might need to pull out a dessert at the last minute, and it’s not usually something that others are bringing. 

And if you don’t have time to make something, still remember those newborn parents. You can always gift pizza or other takeout. Once when I was too busy to cook, I delivered wine and fresh flowers to my friend. After nine months (and more) of not drinking, she really enjoyed this. I think she appreciated the thought more than anything. 


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