Fancy Breakfast for a Fabulous Morning Any Day


Breakfast is definitely everyone’s favorite meal in our house. Being home on quarantine, we had even more time to make “fancy breakfast” more regularly. When the kids wake up to the smell of cinnamon wafting through the house, we all know it will be a good day! Maybe the school year is crazy hectic for you, or maybe with kids e-learning you have a little less running around to do. Either way, here are some favorites to try, and start their days with a smile! Fancy breakfast doesn’t have to just be for the weekend!

Swedish pancakes – these look gourmet and do take some time at the stove, but the batter can be whipped up in minutes in the blender, and the kids can learn to flip pretty early on if they have more time than you do before breakfast. And oh the delicate sweet taste, with a little preserves and maple syrup, is totally worth it. They are divine!

German pancake – this one always feels like cheating. It takes just a few minutes to whip up with only a couple of ingredients. Then coming out of the oven it looks like a gourmet breakfast masterpiece, all puffy and crispy. It’s also a little lower carb than many of these options. I double the recipe and make in two 8×10 pans instead of the cast iron skillet. It always gets gobbled up. Sometimes I make with ground oatmeal instead of flour for even fewer carbs. It still puffs up!

Monkey bread – Made from biscuits, the kids learned to make this themselves early on. When my daughter was diagnosed with Type 1, her first question at the hospital was “Can I still have monkey bread?” They told her no. She was so traumatized. But years later we have figured out how to give insulin so her blood sugar has stayed steady, and every time we have this, we laugh a little at that nurse who condemned her to a life with no monkey bread!  It’s definitely a family favorite.  

Butterscotch rolls – this is a holiday favorite, so every time I make it, it feels like Christmas. But it’s so easy to throw together the night before, letting it rise overnight and what a treat in the morning! Don’t just save it for the holidays!  It just might be tricky to find the cook and serve pudding and Rhodes frozen rolls, as not every store carries them.  I’ve had luck at Hy Vee.

fancy breakfast to make every day special

French toast casserole– This is a new one in our repertoire and there are so many good versions to try. It’s great for using up stale bread and the custardy crunchy sweetness can’t be beat.  Sometimes we even add fruit for a nice tartness.  Most recipes suggest making it at night, but we’ve found it to be good made right before baking too.  

What are your favorite breakfast recipes?  Here are some other favorites from some of our writers.  

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Augustana College brought Rachel to the Quad Cities as a student, and she has stayed here ever since making Rock Island her home. Rachel works full-time as the Associate Director of Admissions at Augustana, and is raising three kids, Grace (17), Luke (15) and Claire (10). Her husband Bill teaches art at Rock Island High School and is a freelance artist doing murals, caricatures and architectural renderings. Rachel enjoys being involved with her kids' sports activities, and also is an advocate for JDRF (the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) in support of her daughter with Type 1 Diabetes. She also loves to plan awesome vacations and adventures with her family, and leaves the beach most of all.



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