Family Photo Outfit Ideas: The Perfect Color Palettes For Fall


It’s that time of year. The leaves are starting to turn colors and fall off the trees. The air is becoming more crisp. The days are shorter and the sunset is earlier. And in the world of photography, it’s the time of year that mom wants a beautiful family photo with everyone smiling.

I’m definitely not poking fun because I’m one of those moms that schedules a family photo shoot every year during this season (because let’s be real, I do not want to be sweating when I’m trying to get 3 little kids to smile).

Okay, so the date is scheduled. But what in the world will we wear!? It has to be perfect…this will be our Christmas card!

I’m not sure what was going on this year for me, but I was not looking forward to pulling outfits together. Like, at all.  But, somehow I managed to find great items without spending an arm and a leg and thought I should share with you all – because I know I’m not the only one who is thinking about this last minute and doesn’t want to spend the time.

Also, don’t forget to shop your closets! About half of the things we are wearing this year are pieces we already had. Below you’ll find inspiration ideas for this color palette. Every family is a little bit different, so these are just ideas! And of course links are below if you need them!


Look 1:

Outfit Links:

Blue baby onesie
Yellow toddler dress
Cream toddler sweater
Brown and blue baby/toddler outfit
Blue toddler sweater
Brown toddler pants
Green dress
Plaid dress
Cream sweater
Mens jeans
Plaid shacket
Kids brown pants

Look 2:

Outfit Links:

Navy dress
Toddler floral dress
Green baby outfit
Blue stripe toddler sweater
Brown toddler pants
Womens jeans
Cream sweater
Mens jeans
Brown sweater
Navy flannel teen
Brown pants

Now, how do you make sure these photos are a success? Here’s what has worked for us:

  1. Get to the location a little early so the kids can run around, check out the area, and get comfortable before the photographer arrives.
  2. Make sure everyone has had a snack!
  3. Let the (little) kiddos be in their element. Search for bugs. Look for flowers. Forcing them to sit and smile for an hour has never worked for us.
  4. Hire a photographer who is good with kids and flexible!
  5. Accessorize your outfits. Add a fun hat. A bow. Cute shoes. Textured leggings.
  6. Bribe them with ice cream afterwards. 🙂

Happy smiling, everyone!

Written by Courtney
Owner/Designer @ Courtney Lawrence Studio and a mama of 3 littles

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