12 Fall Fashion Items You NEED to Be a Stylish Mom (and Almost All for under $25!)


I love to be as stylish of a mom as I can be for as little money as possible. I learned a long time ago that I can throw on baggy sweats and a hoodie or leggings and a tunic and be as equally as comfortable. One of those fashion choices makes me feel pretty though, and one is frumpy yet still fabulous. We’ve got your up to date fall fashion for moms trends, to help you easily feel beautiful. Add in Lauren’s Five Minute Make up Look if you want, and you’re gorgeous.

What do you need to add to your Goodwill or Amazon list to be a stylish mom this fall? If you’re looking for casual and cheap fall outfits to wear as a stylish mom, we have  bit of fall fashion inspiration for moms as the weather changes.

featured blog image stylish moms this fall must haves1| Boots

Ankle boots fall must haves stylish mom
Image: The Mom Edit


Ankle boots have been a trend the past few seasons. If the tall boots were never your thing, this is a stylish alternative.  They look great with skinny jeans or with dresses and skirts. One of the best things about ankle boots is how versatile they are. They really allow you to be creative with your wardrobe and as you invest in fall fashion for moms, help transition between the warmer and cooler months. 

over the knee boots plus feminine details stylish mom 2020
Image: Curve Envy


I’m so glad tall boots are still around! Having a little sock showing on the top gives a more current and fun look! These boots work well with skinny jeans or dresses as well. You can see how she combined the tall boots with the feminine details trend in number 3. I got mine in taupe and they look amazing with all the dresses I’ve worn them with. 

2| Mustard \ Yellow

Image: Rattles and Heels

Many shades of yellow were shown by designers during Fall/Winter 2020 fashion month. Yellow may not be the easiest color to wear. But, the cheery shade can certainly add a mood booster to any look. Fall fashion for moms must be easy to care for and tough to stand up to the kids. 

[xyz-ihs snippet=”mustard-baby-doll-off-the-shoulder-shirt-amazon-link”]


I got this shirt to wear under my overalls. It perfectly encapuslates “feminine details”, yellow, and “bell sleeves” so I can be the most stylish mom this fall with just one item.

3| Feminine Details

[xyz-ihs snippet=”amazon-link-baby-doll-dress”]


Look for basic items with feminine details. A top with feminine details like a ruffle or a pretty neckline is always lovely. Keep the feminine vibe going with your accessories. Fringe earrings or a shoe in a soft pastel color are both great options. My advice is to stick to neutrals with the exception of some color/prints added for variety. 

4| Animal Print

leopard print swing dress fall fashion stylish mom
Image: Mogul Boutiques


Whether you sport it on leggings, a cardigan, your handbag or shoes, or on your entire dress, animal print, especially leopard, just isn’t going away. You can find tons of options at the thrift shops as well as on Amazon. 

5| Scrunchies

My 14 year old daughter has been sporting the same kind of scrunchies I wore in the 90s. She looks adorable and so I thought I would try them again. They are AMAZING. They are so  gentle on your hair!

Snap clips, butterfly clips, and hinged clips are also becoming super popular and are fun ways to add a simple pop of color to your hair. Both scrunchies and clips are easy and inexpensive ways to add a trend to your wardrobe! And yes, wearing scrunchies on your wrist is still a thing. This pack of about a million has animal print, velvet and more.


[xyz-ihs snippet=”amazon-link-overalls”]


You’ll notice a lot of throwbacks to 90s fashion this fall and winter. We’ve been seeing 90’s fashion trends slowly sneak in over the last year or two and this season they are EVERYWHERE. Overalls and jumpers are one of the best examples! I wore mine out and about the other day and got complimented by girls much younger than me. I call that a win! Fall fashion for moms definitely includes some overalls!

7| Long Cardigans \ Blazer Cardigans \ Blazer

long cardigan animal print leather pants fall fashion for stylish moms


I have color block cardigans, leopard print cardigans, and many colors of plain soft snuggly cardigans, but this burgundy one is my favorite. If I ever can’t find it, I look in my 16 year old’s room because she loves it as much as I do. 

8| Bell Sleeves

Bells sleeves stylish fall for moms must haves
Image: Rattles and Heels


Bell sleeves are my current obsession because they’re trendy, romantic, and are comfortable for “momming” and you know that I’m all about that life. Plus, they are flattering for my mommy body and boho fall style. I got this one from Amazon for under $20. Add leggings, boots, and a scarf and you’re ready for fall fashion for moms as well as winter temperatures.

9| Camocamo mama tee moms fall fashion stylish mom


We can enjoy fall whether it’s warm or cold with a camo tank, teejoggers, or capris. I even saw buttery soft camo leggings at Dollar General the other day! The transitioning weather is a perfect opportunity to wear cool prints, like camouflage. It adds a little army charm to any outfit, especially casual ones like we stylish moms usually are sporting. Camo can actually be a neutral, so don’t be afraid to experiment with mixing patterns. 

10| Leatherstylish mom on the go fall trends


I just got these faux leather leggings from amazon and they are yummy! My five year old thinks they’re plastic, but she doesn’t know anything about fashion. I have ordered a ton of leggings from The Leggings Depot on Amazon, and love them all. Wide waist band, buttery soft, around $15 each, durable and don’t stretch out- what more could I ask for? 

I paired these leather leggings with this feminine detailed shirt with lace trim and Sperry leopard print (number 4) top siders, both of which I got at Goodwill. Jewelry is from Noonday Collection.

11| Styled tennies \ platform tennies


stylish mom fall styled tennies camo pants
image: The Mom Edit

BUY Colorful Tennies HERE

If ever there were a time to embrace something new or different or fun, now is that time, right? I’ve admired bright colorful sneakers for a while…so when I saw a pair of colorful Asics similar to these at Goodwill in my size? No question of snapping them up. I had only been wearing them on my morning walk, but I found out in researching this post that you can style them to wear for every day, but they are still easy to style.  You definitely need to add this kind of style and comfort to your everyday fall fashion for moms.

12| Joggers

fall fashion trends for moms stylish joggers camo styled tennies
Image : Wishes and Reality

BUY Joggers HERE

These joggers are a major win and a total gem of a find! They are exactly like Lululemon without the price tag. I love the camo (see number 9) and also come in more neutral colors. Don’t forget camo can be a neutral as you create your fall fashion for moms! The quality and fit are amazing and the slim, flattering silhouette makes them a piece you’ll reach for every week. 

featured blog image stylish moms this fall must haves styled tennis shoes{This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links, it helps support my business (at no additional cost to you) so thank you!}fall fashion for moms 12 items you need this fall pinterest graphic

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