Cooler temperatures, autumn bonfires, chunky sweaters, boots and vampy colors! Finally it’s time to break out the deep purples and burgundies, wear all the red, orange, and yellow, on your clothes, lips and nails.


I tried gradient nails, and I was surprised that it didn’t take me any longer than a regular manicure!  It was also as easy as pie (the kind you buy already made from Village Inn). Since the wow factor is tripled, I thought you all needed to know how to do it too.

Gather your supplies.

 –Elmer’s glue to cover my cuticles as this gets messy. My cuticles are a wreck. If yours are not, you can skip doing this.

–the colors you want to use (I chose fall colors, naturally!)

–top/base coat

–polish remover

–a regular paint brush from your kid’s watercolor kit (or a fancy manicure one)

–Q tips

–make-up sponge (or any kind of sponge)

–a good show to watch while you do your manicure

Apply your base coat. You can paint your nails white first if you want your colors to pop more, but I wanted to be done sooner.

Cover your cuticles with the glue to help the excess polish come off easier. A light hand is best.

Apply stripes of each color to your sponge, as you can see in the photo. Making sure you get all the nail, smoosh the sponge onto your nail. I applied new stripes to the sponge for each fingernail. 

Let it dry well. 

Do the stripes step again.

Don’t be impatient or apply the polish too thickly or you will end up with air bubbles. Ask me how I know this.

Put on one or two top coats of clear, whatever your preference.

Use the paint brush and the Q-tips with fingernail polish remover to clean up your cuticles.

Voila! Amaze your friends and neighbors.

I’d love to see what colors you chose and how your fabulous fall gradient nails turn out!




Jessica is a home educator and owner of QC Moms. She lives in a geriatric, temperamental Victorian home with her six children ages 16, 14, 12, 10, 8 and 5. She is passionate about natural living, homeschooling her wild and free children, gentle parenting, and trying to glorify God in her daily life. If there is any time left over, she enjoys reading, her planner, reading, cooking, writing, baking, Netflix and Facebook, reading, and learning new things. She used to write at http://www.farmfreshjessica.com.


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