even better than the good ‘ol days


Remember wintertime as a kid? I sure do. My brother and I played outside for what seemed like hours. We built snowmen, made forts, went sledding and ice skating – just a whole lot of good old-fashioned wintertime fun.

I want my kids to have great childhood memories too. However; a couple of weeks ago a disturbing thought crossed my mind.

I wonder what winter memories my girls will share with their kids someday?

I felt a twinge of guilt as I imagined what they’d say.

“Oh yes. I remember those winters when I was a kid. I’d sit on the couch for hours, snapchatting my friends and playing Candy Crush.”

Okay, for the record, I don’t let my kids snapchat or play Candy Crush for hours. But I had to admit, we’d been cooped up like hermits for most of the winter. We needed to get out. We needed to breathe some crisp, fresh air!

But what could we do? At the time, most of our snow had melted. Also, my girls wanted to invite my niece and her two little boys. We needed something simple, yet fun. With no prior skills or athletic ability needed. And no expensive equipment required. Finally, we decided to try tubing at Snowstar.

IMG_8564We dug out our snow pants and headed to Andalusia. And do I dare say it? In some ways, it was even better than sledding as a kid!

So without further delay, I give you Sheri’s top five ways tubing at Snowstar was even better than sledding as a kid:

1. They have bigger and better hills.
Most backyards don’t come with a 68’ vertical drop. The trip down the hill was exciting enough for my older girls, yet not too scary for my younger nephews. Also, the hill has five wide lanes with snow banks on both sides. This means you can race your friends with no fear of colliding into them!

2. No worries about trees and other obstacles.
As a kid, I didn’t think much about the dangers of sledding. But as a mom, safety is my primary concern. Call me overly cautious, but I don’t enjoy watching my child zip down a hill as I yell after them, “Put your feet down! Roll off! You’re too close to that tree!”IMG_83453. Three words: There’s always snow.
Unless we’re having a super-mild winter (which I can’t seem to recall), Snowstar always has plenty of the frozen white stuff. On the day we went, it looked like a winter wonderland. An added bonus is the nearby “mountain” of snow. Perfect for kids to climb, roll down and play on.Snow Star Collage 14. There’s always someone ready to give you a good push (or spin) on the way down.
There are several techniques in which to make your descent. There’s the ever-popular, take a running start and flop down on your belly approach. Or the more conservative, plant your rear in the middle of the tube and ask for a push. You can take the plunge by yourself or go as a group. No matter what method you choose, Snowstar has staff (typically several teenagers) to help you with whatever you need.

5. And my favorite part? That awesome lift that takes you back up the hill!
Remember the fun you had sledding down hills as a kid? Now, do you also remember that dreaded trek all the way back up the hill? Without a doubt, my favorite part of tubing at Snowstar is that escalator-conveyor-belt-lift thingy. (Pretty sure that’s the technical term for it.) You just hop on, look straight ahead and up you go!IMG_8523Spring will be here before we know it. Anyway, I keep telling myself that. Why not make some fun memories over these last few weeks of winter? Snow tubing is a great option for kids of all ages. There are no age or height restrictions. (Adult supervision is required for kids under six.)

As I close, you may be thinking … Okay, so you had fun. But did the kids make lasting memories?IMG_8326

I’ll answer that by sharing what one of the boys said after returning home and removing the lift ticket from his jacket. He looked at the ticket and said with a grin, “I’m gonna keep this forever.”

Please note: The personal opinions and preferences expressed in this article are my own. Snowstar did not pay or compensate me in any way to write this post.


    • Hey Kim – my niece’s youngest was two (almost three) when we went. He did great. He even went down the hill by himself! (Not the first time, but after he got used to it.) Let me know how it goes if you decide to go!


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