Easy Halloween Craft: Handprint Spider + Marble Painted Web


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Halloween can be silly, not spooky, with this easy and cute Halloween handprint spider craft.

It’s perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, but school-age kids can enjoy it as well. I made these with my twins when they were only two, and their little sister finally got to make one now that she’s five.

Gather a few supplies, and you are ready to make an easy Halloween craft!

Halloween Craft For Tots & Preschoolers: Handprint SpiderSupplies you’ll need for this Halloween craft:

First, put the black paper in the tray. If you think your paint is too thick and it is washable, you should be able to add a bit of water to it to make it easier to roll around. Our paint is not new, so I just put a little water in the jar and shook it up well.

Dab some of the white paint in the corners of the tray. I did it in the corners of the paper and realized I should have done it right on the tray to avoid big blobs on the paper. Learn from my mistake!

Easy & Cute Halloween Craft: Handprint Spider & Marble Painted Web

Next, place the marble in the tray, and your little artist can roll the marble around the tray to create a spider web effect on the black paper.

Tip: Do this outside, as the paint-covered marble did jump to the sides a couple of times!

Easy & Cute Halloween Craft: Handprint Spider & Marble Painted Web

Use a foam brush to paint just four fingers and the upper palm of one hand. Of course, my five-year-old wanted to use a color other than the orange and purple I set out… because five-year-olds.

Easy & Cute Halloween Craft: Handprint Spider & Marble Painted WebStamp it down on the white paper and repeat with the other hand. Reinforce math skills when discussing how spiders have eight legs, so four and four make eight.

Let it dry while you wash your hands. Make sure everything is dry, then let your child cut out their handprint spider if possible.

Easy & Cute Halloween Craft: Handprint Spider & Marble Painted Web

Last, get out the glue! Let your child paste the handprint spider onto the marble rolled web, then glue it on the craft eyes. If your child wants to make an accurate spider, they can do eight tiny eyes on their spider, but we opted for just two.

Proudly display your cute Halloween little spider or share it with someone your child loves. These sweet Halloween craft spider handprints are sure to bring smiles for many years to come!

Keep the fun going with these favorite books featuring spiders:

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