Unique Easter Basket Ideas: Not Your Typical Basket


Every year I drag the same well-used Easter baskets out of the holiday storage bucket. I avoid grass and put in tissue paper and fill them with some stuff I’ve gathered over the past few weeks.

This year, I searched high and low and asked some friends for their favorite Easter basket ideas. While I received some sweet ideas for inside baskets, I focused here on alternative options for the actual basket and I couldn’t help offering a few fun “live grass” suggestions.

Here’s a list of great basket ideas from my mom-friends:

  • baby stroller
  • backpack
  • baseball glove
  • baseball hat turned upside down
  • bean bag
  • beach pails
  • bike basket
  • bike helmet
  • cube storage insert/stack-able cubes
Tegan from Rock Island has a teenager and a toddler. These Easter goodies were loved by both.
  • dump truck
  • flower pot
  • grocery cart
  • jewelry box
  • laundry basket
  • little wagon
  • lunch box
  • make-up case (caboodle?)
  • manicure set with lots of polish
  • mixing bowl and kitchen set
  • mixing bowl with slime ingredients
  • popcorn bucket
  • purse or handbag
  • rain boots
  • sandbox
  • tackle box
These fun tackle boxes were from about 4 years ago. Now, Lisa from Rock Island has a 14 and 12 year old.
  • tool box
  • upside down umbrella
  • water table
  • wheelbarrow
Keri’s Easter bunny brought these when her kids were smaller. Now, they are 8 and 5 plus she has a new one on the way!

Jen, creative mom from Rock Island, has a great idea for real grass baskets: “For several years I did traditional baskets of plastic but instead of the plastic or paper grass I grew wheat grass in the bottom. It sprouts and grows super quick and it is really fun. It may require a little more pre-planning but isn’t that difficult to accomplish. You can get wheat grass in bulk at Greatest Grains.”

Another fun growing idea from Keri are these “seeds” that look like eggs from seedles.com.

There are so many good basket ideas, I can’t decide what to do!! I especially like the ideas for older kids. Mom-sourcing is my favorite!


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