Dinner Isn’t the Same


My daughter, “Mom, what’s for dinner tonight?” Me, overly exhausted from working 7:45am to 5:45pm even though my work schedule had me scheduled to leave at 5:15pm, says, “I don’t know. Any suggestions?” “Cereal?” My daughter asks with a sly grin.

Just the thought of making a meal sounded tiring and it was only Tuesday so I gave in, saying, “Sure.” My daughter and my youngest son who’s sitting in the back scream out in pure happiness and excitement.

“Yes!” My daughter says. “Let’s go!!”

My youngest son shouts as if he’s playing a video game and finally winning. “You’re the best, mom ever!” Both of my children tell me with huge goofy smiles on their faces. It was at that moment that I knew that my children understood how exhausting a mother’s job could truly be. It was also when I realized that my children were growing up right before my eyes. I didn’t always have to stress over which kid-friendly dish to make for dinner or which child didn’t eat green beans because it was okay. There were going to be days when dinner wasn’t going to be served exactly by the food pyramid guide.

Dinner has changed since they were younger and it will continue to change as they grow.

One day it will just be my husband and I eating dinner together so instead of stressing about what to make healthy for dinner all the time, I’ll enjoy our new way of enjoying dinner. Me, smiling at my two children, “Cereal for dinner it is.”

About the Author:

I am a bestselling author with 7 published books as well as creating journals, planners, and coloring books. I’m an entrepreneur. I own and operate a local house cleaning service. – Isis Hollingshed

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