Dinner Hero: Deconstructed Vegan Lasagna

Deconstructed Lasagna!

Imagine coming home after a full day of work, picking kids up from school, activities and running errands, and what happens? Dinner was forgotten (insert face-palm).  With the best of intent to make sure that dinner does not become overlooked, it totally happens even to the greatest of planners, without warning and producing a sense of extra stress. Instead of calling out for pizza (but no judgment if you do, yum!) tuck this recipe in your back pocket and save the day!

Not only is this meal healthy and delicious, it uses only one pot, it is an easy weekend meal prep for a busy week ahead or speedy weeknight meal ready in minutes!

When I make this for my family, I go a step further if making in advance and pre-portion the finished product into glass Tupperware, so that it is even more stress-free for my busy self to pull out dinner prepared and heat and serve. Bonus points for knowing I am also serving a nourishing meal for my family!



1 Bag gluten free noodles (Can be any noodle but I use 16 oz Live G Free Aldi’s brand)
1 jar pasta sauce (24 oz)
1 Container garlic hummus (10 oz)
1 Package frozen spinach (12 oz)
2 Cans of mushrooms (4 oz each)


  • Boil noodles per package directions.
  • Once boiled, drain, rinse and add back to the pot.
  • Adding to the noodles:
    • a jar of pasta sauce
    • a container of hummus
    • frozen spinach (thawed)
    • 2 cans of the mushrooms (drained).

Stir and serve! Makes a large enough portion for 8 servings – great for meal prepping lunches, or weeknight dinners! This is a very interpretive recipe as well; you can get imaginative, adding any vegetable combination or different flavored hummus for added flair!

Bon Appétit!

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Nichol is a full-time Health & Wellness Coordinator at a local Senior Community, Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. She has a passion for all things wellness & being a positive resource to those on their journey to live well! Nichol is also a specialty fitness collector, with 22 accredited certifications under her belt but ironically LOVES baking treats -- especially if it is holiday-related! She is a mom of two remarkable girls, ages 2 & 6, together with her husband of 11 years. As a family they enjoy spending time outdoors, being active in their community’s school district and pet foster volunteering for a local animal shelter. Nichol's 'Me-Time' includes creating workout plans, discovering more about veganism, salsa gardening, cooking for a crowd, snacking on charcuteries, Bravo TV & social media. To schedule a free personal training consultation reach out to Nichol via email: N.Robertscpt@gmail.com


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