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Davenport Junior Theatre aspires to become a premier center for the performing arts for youth, transcending its lasting heritage. The organization aims to enrich the childhood experiences of young individuals, fostering self-confidence, friendship, responsibility, creativity, inclusiveness, and, above all, a sense of fun. By providing accessible theatre for kids by kids, the organization envisions leading youth to a brave, bold tomorrow through the performing arts.

Theatre Classes

Broadway Beats! (ages 3-4)
The primary objective of the Toes Tapping and Fingers Snapping Musical Theatre program is to introduce young participants to the joy of musical theatre. Through creative and age-appropriate activities, the program aims to develop coordination, social skills, and a love for the performing arts.

Theatre Fun! (ages 3-4)
Theatre Fun is tailored for young children who are ready to embark on a creative journey into the world of theatre. The program is designed to be age-appropriate and engaging for our youngest aspiring performers.

Improv (ages 7-18)
Theatre Improv is an exhilarating program that propels participants into the world of spontaneous creativity and teamwork. Through a series of engaging games and exercises, students will develop the ability to think quickly and imaginatively, laying the foundation for strong improvisational skills. This program is not just about theatre; it’s about unlocking creativity, boosting confidence, and fostering collaborative thinking.

Acting (ages 5-12)
Experience the thrill of the stage with our Dynamic Acting Classes! Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your acting skills, this program offers a new, dynamic, and fun curriculum in each session. Acting classes can be taken repeatedly to expand foundational skills, ensuring a continuous journey of learning and growth. Participants will delve into the exciting world of acting, developing the ability to speak clearly, confidently, and creatively.

Musical Theatre (ages 5-18)
The “Broadway Experience” Musical Theatre Class is designed for individuals of all ages who have a passion for musical theatre or are curious about exploring this dynamic performing art. The class welcomes participants with varying levels of experience, making it accessible to beginners and those with some background in musical theatre.

Homeschool Acting (ages 5-18)
The Homeschool Acting class on Thursday mornings is open to individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are a beginner looking to explore acting for the first time or someone with some acting experience seeking to refine your skills, this class welcomes everyone.

Advanced Improv (ages 7-18)
Embark on a journey of creativity and spontaneity with our “Theatre Improv” class! This class is designed to hone participants’ ability to think on the spot, create stories, and work collaboratively as a team. Countless professionals, performers, and public speakers credit their success to improv training. Through engaging games and exercises, students will develop the ability to think quickly and imaginatively. The advanced improv course concludes with an hour-long improv show, allowing students to showcase their newfound skills.

Costume Creation (ages 11-18)
Unleash your creativity and dive into the world of costume design with our “Creative Costume Design” class! This class empowers participants to design costumes using unconventional materials and techniques. Students will learn the art of developing and altering costumes for various theatrical shows. The best part? Absolutely no sewing or drawing skills are required. The costumes created during this class will be featured in performances during the showcase, providing a tangible outcome for participants’ creative endeavors.

Intro to Tech Design (ages 9-18)
The Intro to Tech Design is designed for individuals interested in the technical and design aspects of theatrical production. It is suitable for beginners and those looking to deepen their understanding of the behind-the-scenes work in theatre.

Magic Workshop (ages 8-18)
Join the enchanting world of magic with our Magic Workshop led by the award-winning local magician, David Casas, from Davenport Junior Theatre. This workshop is designed for students eager to explore the realm of magic and learn the art of sleight of hand. Participants will discover the secrets behind captivating tricks using everyday objects like cards, coins, and rubber bands. With new tricks taught in every session, the Magic Workshop provides an exciting and dynamic learning experience.

Teen Acting (ages 13-18)
The Teen Acting Class is an engaging and challenging program designed for individuals who are either new to acting or have prior experience. Led by experienced instructors, this class provides teenagers with valuable theatrical training, on-stage experience, and the opportunity to connect with other teens who share a passion for theatre. Whether participants are first-time actors or experienced veterans, the Teen Acting Class offers a dynamic and supportive environment for honing acting skills.

Intermediate Acting (ages 8-18)
The Intermediate Acting Class is an advanced-level program designed for individuals who have completed previous acting courses and are ready for a greater learning challenge. Building on the foundational skills acquired in earlier courses, this program focuses on expanding participants’ skills in physicality, characterization, and vocalization. It offers a dynamic and engaging environment for individuals to elevate their acting abilities and make their stories larger than life.

Advanced Acting (ages 10-18)
The Advanced Acting Class is an immersive and challenging program designed for individuals who have mastered the skills taught in Intermediate Acting. This class aims to deepen the imagination and technique of storytelling through advanced elements such as script analysis, character development, movement, and voice and articulation work. Participants will be challenged to explore the creative aspects of physical, emotional, and vocal presentation, culminating in the performance of a play.

Intermediate/Advanced Musical Theatre (ages 11-18)
The Advanced Musical Theatre Class is a specialized program designed for students who have successfully mastered the skills taught in the Broadway Musical Theatre class. This advanced course aims to further challenge and advance actors in the realm of musical theatre. Focusing on more complicated choreography, music, and character development, participants will delve deeper into the intricacies of musical performance.

Dance Classes

Budding Ballet (ages 3-4)
The Budding Ballet Dancers Class is a specially designed dance program for our youngest participants, introducing them to the fundamentals of ballet in a fun and engaging environment. Aimed at fostering a love for dance, this class focuses on developing coordination, basic ballet positions, and movement across the floor. The program places a strong emphasis on creating an enjoyable and supportive atmosphere for young dancers to explore the world of ballet.

Beginning Ballet (ages 5-6)
The Beginning Ballet Class is designed for dancers who have progressed beyond the introductory stage and are ready to delve deeper into ballet fundamentals. Building on the foundational skills acquired earlier, this class introduces more advanced concepts such as turnout and spatial awareness. With a continued emphasis on fostering musicality, expanding ballet vocabulary, and, above all, having fun, the program aims to develop young dancers’ passion for ballet further.

Ballet (ages 7-18)
The Ballet Fundamentals Class is designed to provide dancers with a comprehensive exploration of fundamental ballet techniques. Through a structured curriculum, participants will engage in learning and practicing ballet at various elements, including the barre, center, and across the floor. This class focuses on developing essential skills such as posture, musicality, and the proper execution of steps. Dancers will be introduced to basic turns, moving steps, leaps, and will work on improving flexibility.

Ballet/Jazz (ages 7-18)
The Ballet and Jazz Fusion class is suitable for dancers with some prior experience in ballet or jazz. It is designed for individuals who want to explore the dynamic interplay between these two dance styles and deepen their understanding of both techniques.

Jazz (ages 7-18)
The Intermediate Jazz class is suitable for dancers who have completed a beginner-level class in tap and jazz or have equivalent experience. It is designed for individuals who are committed to advancing their skills in both styles and are eager to take on more challenging choreography.

Tap (ages 5-18)
The Intro to Tap class is a lively and engaging introduction to the art of tap dancing. In this class, dancers will wear special tap shoes and explore the exciting world of making rhythmic sounds with their feet. The focus is on developing rhythm, coordination, and fine motor movements as dancers create percussive sounds using the different surfaces of their tap shoes.

Pom Dance (ages 5-18)
The Pom Dance class is a dynamic and high-energy introduction to the world of jazz and cheer dance. In this class, dancers will focus on developing proper jazz and cheer techniques, learning fundamental arm positions, and mastering basic turns, jumps, and short dance combinations. The class aims to combine the visual effects of jazz dance with the spirited elements of cheer, creating an exciting and engaging experience for participants.

Hip Hop (ages 5-18)
The Intro to Hip Hop Dance class takes dancers on a journey into the vibrant world of hip-hop, a dance style that originated in the South Bronx in the 1970s. Born from a need for expression, hip-hop has evolved into a dynamic and influential dance form. In this class, students will explore popular basic hip-hop steps while moving to the rhythm of hip-hop music. The emphasis will be on building precision, coordination, and, most importantly, developing each dancer’s unique style.

Lyrical (ages 9-18)
The Lyrical Dance class offers a unique and expressive journey into the world of dance, combining elements of ballet, jazz, and modern dance. This free and fluid style places a strong emphasis on expression and storytelling through movement. Dancers will delve into the technical aspects of ballet, jazz, and modern dance, allowing for a fusion that is both captivating and versatile.

Tumbling (ages 3-18)
The Tumbling class is designed for beginning to intermediate tumblers who want to explore the fundamentals of floor-based gymnastics. This class focuses on building foundational skills without the use of trampolines or bars. Tumblers will engage in a variety of exercises, emphasizing basic movements such as cartwheels, handstands, back bends, and more.


The Mainstage is an immersive theatrical experience that brings together students, local professional designers, and directors to collaborate on high-quality productions. This program is designed to offer participants an understanding of the theatrical process, allowing them to engage not only as actors but also as integral members of the production team. From performing on stage to working behind the scenes, students contribute to every aspect of the theatrical production. “Mainstage plays are by audition-only, and consist of students ages 10 and up from all over the Quad City area. Students must have completed a Junior Theatre class or camp before auditioning.”

Annie Wittenmyer Complex, 2822 Eastern Avenue
Davenport, Iowa 52803

(563) 888-2227

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