Darci Lynne: Fresh Out of the Box


I feel like I’m one of the first fans of Darci Lynne , the sweetest little Oklahoman to ever win America’s Got Talent. I know there are millions of fans just like me which accounts for her soaring popularity. She sold out her very first ever show in just SIX minutes! 

Here in the Quad Cities, we are so lucky that we are one of her tour stops on her Fresh Out of the Box Tour! She’ll be at the Adler Theater on March 14. She sings and is a ventriloquist and her show is wholesome and hilarious. It’s the perfect option for your next family date. Darci Lynne’s talent and disposition is what won her the hearts of America and helps her to keep setting records as her popularity grows. 

Her Fresh Out of the Box National Tour is where she is sharing her passion for performing and while she’s bringing her enchanting show across the country from New York to Nevada, Darci Lynne is stopping right here in Davenport, IA to share her talents with us! Be sure to get your tickets to this incredible show that we are privileged to have here locally.Darci Lynne Farmer at the adler Davenport

While growing up in Oklahoma, Darci Lynne was close to her family and continues to be as she relies on their ongoing support and encouragement.  When she was introduced to the art of ventriloquism, she employed her grit and discipline to practice as much as she could to grow her skills. She had her first puppet for two weeks  when she began performing in talent shows in Oklahoma and surrounding areas. 

All of that hard work paid off when she not only qualified for America’s Got Talent, but won the show with a record breaking number of votes when she was only 12 years old. The stage is now a place where Darci Lynne  can let families like ours see her incredible talents. I hope that she would inspire our own children to laugh and enjoy a night out with their families, but also pursue their own talents and dreams as she has done. 

Her polished skill as a ventriloquist at such a young age is astounding and definitely an inspiration for the young among us to keep the craft alive. Darci Lynne’s singing voice is even more incredible. Darci Lynne Farmer at the Adler Quad CitiesIf you haven’t seen or heard of Darci Lynne, definitely check out her TikTok Profile or her YouTube channel,  you (and the kids) will not only be entertained for the whole day, but you’ll want to get those tickets to her show at the Adler on March 14 more than ever.

Make sure you follow our Facebook page, as we’ll giving away a family four pack of tickets to Darci Lynne’s show at the Adler!


For more information visit darcilynne.com

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