City Scavenger Hunt for Kids


Looking for a fun activity to play with the kids while touring a new city or while out running errands in your own city?  Then try this fun (and free printable) idea for a City Scavenger Hunt.  You can either provide your child with a kid-friendly digital camera or just have them point the findings out to you as they find them.  This is great for kids of all ages and can be played over again when you visit a new area of the scavenger hunt for kids

We have created a city photo scavenger hunt to try out with your kids. Just download and print them and let the scavenger hunt begin! You can do these as a photo scavenger hunt or just cross them off. It’s up to you!

Simply choose the scavenger hunt that looks the most fun to you and print it out (enter your email below to get them sent to your inbox). 

Grab a camera (or camera phone), a pen to check off boxes, and a prize for the winner. Take your scavenger hunt on your visit to downtown Rock Island or your next trip to the Freight House Farmer’s Market in downtown Davenport and let the fun begin!

One idea could be to make it an actual contest. Set a time limit and boundaries of how far your kids are allowed to wander. If you have young children, put them on teams with an adult. Once you say go, the teams can hunt down the item and take a photo of them. When the time is up, whoever has the most items on the list wins! Break any ties by deciding who has the best or most creative photos.

Another way to play the city scavenger hunt would be to just wander around and observe things you see, hear, and smell out loud, and create keen observers of the environment around them. You could laminate the printable and give them a wet erase marker, or you could clip it to a clipboard. Kids love looking official as they are checking items off the city scavenger hunt. 


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