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(Moline, IL): The John Deere Pavilion is a top tourist attraction in the QCA. A couple years ago, my kids and I first explored the John Deere Pavilion. My son was 5 at the time and was in heaven!...
Riding the Channel Cat Water Taxi is one of our family’s favorite summer activities! Whether you’re a Quad Citizen or a visitor to the area, the Channel Cat is one of the best ways to experience the Mississippi River...
Growing up my family visited the Field of Dreams a number of times. Dyersville, Iowa (the town where the movie was set and where the field still stands proud) is a doable day trip from the QCA! It’s less...
Growing up, I had no idea how lucky we were to be so close to such a great landmark! But now, as an adult the Maquoketa Caves are a place that I love to take my children to explore...

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Quad Cities Summer Bucket List | 2022

Summer can be bursting with activities and travel or it can be filled with long lazy days of doing much of nothing. I prefer...
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