Caregiving During the Holidays – Tips for Less Stress!


The holidays are under way & the busy feeling of the season might take its toll. Keeping up with a normal routine of work, friends & family, caregiving might seem too much without the added details of holiday shopping, baking & parties causing overwhelming feelings.

Here are several tips to keep the stress of the holidays under control:

  • Be Flexible: Holidays are full of traditions, which can turn into big responsibilities for family caregivers. Ask yourself, “what is important to continue, what can be let go?”
  • Take Care of Yourself: Make time for yourself, everyday do something you enjoy; reading, walking, crafts, cooking or listening to music. Whatever makes you happy can also be therapeutic.
  • Communicate Your Needs: Challenging family relationships sometimes take the spotlight during the holidays. If family members can no longer continue their holiday roles, that may cause conflict. Communicating your feelings before problems begin can be the best way to stay on a steady track & avoid new problems.
  • Find the Humor: Laughter is the best medicine. Sometimes watching a silly TV show or movie can do the trick. Find things to laugh about to lighten the mood and not let the stress take away the joy of the season.
  • Plan Ahead: Many people are taking to shopping for the holiday’s weeks in advance. Why not approach holiday preparations the same way? Before the season arrives, start a list of who can do what and delegate the work so no one is overwhelmed.
  • Be Resourceful: Take the offer when help is given. Learning to say ‘YES’ to brining a dish to share at a gathering you are hosting or the offer to run an errand can really reduce the feeling of being burdened.
  • Think Positive: Take time every day to reset. Acknowledge there may be limitations from time to time and make peace with them. Let go of guilt. Give yourself credit for the job you are doing and if you start to feel guilty or stressed, it’s ok to take a break.
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Nichol is a full-time Health & Wellness Coordinator at a local Senior Community, Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. She has a passion for all things wellness & being a positive resource to those on their journey to live well! Nichol is also a specialty fitness collector, with 22 accredited certifications under her belt but ironically LOVES baking treats -- especially if it is holiday-related! She is a mom of two remarkable girls, ages 2 & 6, together with her husband of 11 years. As a family they enjoy spending time outdoors, being active in their community’s school district and pet foster volunteering for a local animal shelter. Nichol's 'Me-Time' includes creating workout plans, discovering more about veganism, salsa gardening, cooking for a crowd, snacking on charcuteries, Bravo TV & social media. To schedule a free personal training consultation reach out to Nichol via email:


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