It’s our favorite Monday of the month! We took care of Brie and Carmen this month and had a great time getting to know them better! We couldn’t ask for better moms to take care of right here in the QCA!

P.S. There’s a giveaway at the end of this post to win the November Mommy Makeover!




Hair and makeup from Pure Hair Studio!



Clothes from Charm Boutique!



Nails from Michelle Diercks with Jamberry!



One hour massage from Nelson Chiropractic!



Teeth whitening from Cornerstone Family Dentistry!



Lunch from Chick-fil-A!



Dinner from HuHot Mongolian Grill!



Live TV appearance from Paula Sands Live!


And the great news? Just in time for the holidays, we’re giving away another Mommy Makeover! The Mommy Makeover will take place in the Quad Cities (Iowa/Illinois) on Monday, November 7, 2016.

 *One entry per person per method of entry. Be sure to enter a separate comment for each method of entry (one comment for Facebook, one comment for Twitter, etc.). You can leave up to four comments!

1. COMMENT: Leave a comment below telling us what change you want to make!

2. VOTE: Have your family and friends leave a comment with your first & last name! Every “vote” comment will earn you an extra entry!

3. TWITTER: Tweet about this giveaway!

4. PINTEREST: Pin a previous makeover on Pinterest!


Giveaway ends Monday, October 17, 2016. Winner will be notified by email and announced as soon as they accept the prize!

Quad City Moms Blog partnered with local businesses to help put the Mommy Makeover together. As part of the process, we received cash payment, a gift, or something else of value to write this post.

Hello! I’m Camye. I’m a small town Iowa girl who runs Quad City Moms Blog, a site designed to support, encourage, and connect moms in this adventure called motherhood. (You are not alone!) I have transitioned from early childhood teacher to stay-at-home mom to work-at-home mom. I have an artsy, creative husband and three rambunctious children- especially the 1-year-old! Balancing family, life, and blogosphere is a daily challenge. I love making to-do lists and checking things off, searching for the world’s best chocolate-chip cookie recipe, and tackling DIY projects. When the kids are finally in bed, you’ll find me curled up on the couch watching prime time with a computer on my lap.


  1. Hi, I’ve had LONG hair forever, I have a 10 month old & a 2 year old that keep me very busy! I’ve been wanting a change for a while but I definitely haven’t had the time. The makeovers today were gorgeous by the way. I would be forever thankful for this and sooooo nervous but ready for the change if I was chosen!

  2. Hello, I am Tiffany and I would like you to change anything about me because I am a bit nervous about changing my appearance to drastically by myself LOL! I am a mother of a beautiful 7 year old girl who seems to be worried about her appearance and body already 🙁 , So I would like to show her that its good to feel comfortable i your own skin no matter what changes happen to our appearance.

  3. What I would love to change is my hair!! I have had the same style since high school, almost 20 years ago.. I have 3 great kids that I live for and just don’t take time for my self like I should…

  4. I want a mommy make over just want to feel pretty I don’t ever wear makeup and dress up nice and would love a day that I can feel good about myself

  5. I would loved to get picked for this! I haven’t been to a salon in about 5 years, and I’d love to change my all around look.

  6. My name is Tia Rondeau and I am a first time mommy to a sweet, sweet little 7-week old boy. I have never been very seasoned in doing my hair or makeup, but I would be absolutely ecstatic if I were to win a makeover.

  7. I am a homeschooling mother of three who would love a mommy makeover. I have naturally curly hair and would love to find a hairstyle that doesn’t scream, “Homeschool Mom!”

  8. Heather Moore definitely deserves this!! She’s right when she says she’s had long hair FOREVER!! Time for a change, she’s beautiful no matter what, but this would be perfect for her!!! ❤️?

  9. Hi I’m Erin, I’m a mother of 2 little girls (4mos & 3 yrs). I would love to change up my style. I feel like most days when I’m not in my scrubs I tend to throw my hair up & put on a t-shirt & jeans. A mommy make over would be perfect!

  10. I would love a makeover!! I’m a mommy of three and go to school full time. I never seem to have the time to fix myself up for my husband. I want to feel pretty and want to change my style of clothes! I wear the same thing all the time…

  11. It would be SO FUN to have someone pick a bold, dark hair color as I’m very predictable and don’t take risks! Pampering would be so fun as I’m home with our five little blessings!

  12. I would love a makeover! I’ve recently moved from home childcare provider to preschool teacher and my look needs updated. Ready to cut and color, and update my clothes and look more professional!

  13. Theres a million things id change! I have very low confidence and self esteem,ive been struggling with this for years now. a mommy makeover would do wonders for me! im a stay at home mom of 3,and i also babysitting 3 additional children,so this would be amazing! I dont get to get out much or have anytime for myself so this would be a treat for me. ♡

  14. Theres a million things id change. I have no confidence and low self esteem, which is something ive been struggling with for a while a stay at home mom of 3 and i babysit 3 additional i dont have much time for myself,so this would be an awesome opportunity for me to relax and get some me time thats long overdue♡

  15. I am a mother of 2 little girls (3 yr old & 4 mos). I would love the change up my style & hair. I feel like when I’m not in my scrubs I throw my hair in a pony tail & put on jeans & a t-shirt. I would be honored to be choose for a mommy make over!

  16. I would extremely grateful for a makeover with a 3 and 1 year old mom always comes last. I was just thinking about how I need to donate hair and I think this would be a great opportunity.

  17. I am married with a junior and senior in high school and I work full-time. This year I am finally putting my foot down and taking much needed me time. Trying to discover myself and make changes to feel more positive about myself. I am very hair and make up handicapped, and would love some help.

  18. I am a preschool teacher and former in home childcare provider, looking for a new look! I would love to try a cut and color and figure out how to look more professional!

  19. What a beautiful project this is! I’m currently working two full time jobs, raising a little one, going through endless months of paperwork and classds to be able to grow our family through foster care/adoption, volunteering, supporting my husband’s military career which means he’s often gone and I’m running life solo, surviving a move to a new area where we don’t know anyone…oh man I don’t even remember how to take time to make myself look good anymore 😮 Winning something like this would be amazing!

  20. There’s so many things I’d change, since becoming a mommy kids obviously always come first. I never financially want to do anything for myself because I feel that money could be used on the kids. I haven’t had my hair done in over 3 years, that’s the thing I want to change most. I would be so grateful to win this if I were to, I need a change to make myself feel pretty again. Please choose me for the makeover, I’d love to look lose this “looked like I been used to clean up the floor look!” I don’t have many friends so I may not achieve the highest votes, but thanks so much for giving me the opportunity at a chance to win.

  21. I would like a change since I have had the same hairstyle since I got pregnant with her and the only difference I have had is getting highlights that didn’t come out the way I had hoped for, which was the first time I ever gotten highlights. I am not only a full time student working towards my associate’s degree which I will have in December, a mom to a beautiful daughter, but also a military veteran. I have worked so hard for my family that I always put them first no matter what with dropping what I’m doing to take care of them in their needs. I have had self-esteem issues for a long time since middle school (over 15 years) and would love to be able to finally love the way I look and feel.

  22. I’m a mother of two boys (ages 2 and 1) and I have another baby on the way. I rarely have the time to figure out what look works best for me and I would love a makeover and some helpful tips on how to spice up my look without a lot of maintenance. A full day just to myself before our third baby comes sounds so wonderful! I really hope I win this contest and get the chance to meet Paula as well!

  23. My name is Kassandra mckown and I would love to change my wardrobe. I buy my daughter whatever she wants spend my money on her needs and never seem to take time for me or spend money on me. I always joke I’ll pay $20 for her shoes but when I need new work shoes or jeans I’ll contemplate for months before I decide not to buy anything. Just to know where to start would be amazing!


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