Beneath the Surface


Every morning, as I stand before the mirror, my reflection gazes back at me, a silent witness to the battles I fight within. The world sees me as slim, enviable even, but they don’t see the turmoil that rages beneath the surface.

Being thin doesn’t exempt me from the sting of unsolicited comments about my weight.

It’s as if society has drawn an invisible line, believing that only those who struggle with their weight suffer from body image issues. But the truth is, the pain cuts just as deep for those of us on the other side of that line.

As a mom, I juggle a myriad of responsibilities, from nurturing my children to managing household chores. Yet, amidst the chaos of daily life, there’s a constant pressure to maintain a certain appearance. People assume that because I’m thin, I must have it all together, that I don’t understand the struggle.

I inherited my slender frame from my mother, who inherited it from her mother before her. It’s a trait that runs in my family, not a result of some strict diet or obsessive exercise regimen. Yet, despite this genetic predisposition, I find myself subjected to the same scrutiny as anyone else.

“You’re so lucky to be thin!” they exclaim, as if thinness equates to happiness. But they don’t see the nights I lie awake, grappling with self-doubt and insecurity. They don’t witness the mental gymnastics I perform to silence the voice that tells me I’m not enough.

And then there are the comments—the well-intentioned remarks that sting like a slap in the face. “You’re so skinny, you need to eat more!” they say, unaware of the battles I’ve fought to maintain a healthy relationship with food.

I don’t have an eating disorder—I simply have a body that defies their expectations.

So the next time someone feels compelled to comment on my weight, I wish they’d pause and consider the woman beneath the surface. Because whether I’m thin or not, the struggle with body image runs deep, reminding me that beauty is not defined by the size of our bodies, but by the strength of our spirits.

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