Beat the Cold: Must-Have Items for Sports Parents


I have completely embraced life as a sports mom. What I haven’t embraced is bad weather, specifically cold or rainy events. Give me a sweltering hot July baseball game, and I’m in heaven! On the other hand, early March soccer or frigid April track meets make me an UNhappy camper.

Top Items to keep you warm during Chilly, Brisk, Biting-wind, or Rainy sports events

The Family Pod

This is by far the most versatile and useful weather-fighting item we’ve purchased. It keeps us warm, it keeps us out of the sun (we can open the “windows”), and it keeps us dry. It also keeps our family contained – so the littles can play in the back while we watch the game/s.

Two notes of warning:

  1. It takes some practice to put away. Don’t wait until they call the game because of lightning to think you can figure it out. The learning curve is substantial. However, each time I master the fold and return the Pod to its circle bag I feel so much triumphant pride it’s worth the struggle!
  2. Don’t drag it from field to field. If you don’t lift it up, you’ll end up ripping the edges. You don’t want to do this, although, for the record, it does sew up easily.

I recommend: Under the WEATHER Pods and I noticed they have a MonsterPod now, which will hold 6 people!

boy and mo min weather pod

The Heated Vest

If you are only going to buy one of the heated accessories: THIS IS IT! There’s not much to say besides it is amazing, cozy, and one of the best things I’ve ever been given EVER. It has made every chilly soccer game enjoyable.

I often put it on under my coat, and it creates an internal toasty warm layer. If it’s just mildly cool, I wear it over a sweatshirt. I can decide if I want to turn on the vest or just have it as an extra layer, but not a full coat.

Recommendation: The vest I have doesn’t have a tag, so I’m not sure what brand it is. It does have zippers on the side to make “extra room” (like a piece of luggage…so if I eat too many concession snacks and need a bit more space, I’m good). There are so many options, just GO FOR IT! You won’t be sorry.

QC Mom Recommendations: Dr. Prepare Heated Vest, Rechargeable Heated Vest

Mom, dad and two boys with soccer jersey and winter hats
See my vest (and blanket over my shoulder) at our son’s soccer game? I’m all in on winter hats, too!

The Heated Bag Chair

This is definitely a luxury. Early morning baseball games in the windy plains of Iowa make this more rewarding than a massage. I recommend tucking a blanket around your legs to keep the heat sealed in for a delightful warmth even on the chilliest of days. This chair folds up into a handy bag and isn’t super heavy. The only bummer is that mine doesn’t rock. I’m guessing there is one that does.

My brother got me: The Hot Seat Portable Camping Chair

The Heated Stadium Chair

I’ll be honest, I haven’t actually tried this yet. Last spring was so miserable sitting on the cold bleachers in the biting wind and rain watching our son run track that I couldn’t resist when I saw this on sale. While my heated vest kept me warm on top, my legs and bottom were always sssssoo ccccooold. I CANNOT wait to try this out. Also, it “unfolds” flat and has super handy backpack straps to transport it up the stadium stairs.

As a bonus, this also serves as a stadium seat so my (aging!) back will also be supported.

Pairing this with a blanket or even my warm go-to igloo sleeping bag is going to make sitting in the cold for six hours to watch a two-minute event enjoyable. How could I have resisted?

I purchased: Moteoza Doble Heated Stadium Seats for Bleachers

The Old-School Thermos

I have definitely filled this thermos with my favorite warm beverage and sipped to my heart’s content. Okay, I dream of that, but since I’m usually sharing with our kids, it’s more likely hot chocolate. I especially like keeping this until the second or third game of the day when I need a little something sweet to pick me up and remind me that I’m deliciously warm.

Recommendations: The Classic Vacuum Stanley Steel Thermos on Amazon or available on Stanley’s website!

A Trunk Full of Blankets

I think every sports parent must end up with a collection of blankets in their trunk. I start each season with 2-3, but we never seem to have enough, so I end up with half a dozen. They are useful for lining the Family Pod floor, covering up for a nap, or keeping the warmth of the heated chair ensconced. We even use thinner blankets as tents over a picnic table or for snuggling in the wagon (another must-have sports parent item!)

two boy sin a wagon

More Children – Body Heat for the Win!

As a mom of four boys my favorite heat source is actually a younger brother, that keeps me cozy and warm. The combination of the heated seat, vest, blanket, and body heat from a little snuggler is simply THE BEST.

IMPORTANT: You must invest in decent Power Banks

None of the heated items will work without a power bank. I recommend having two on hand at all times. The chair especially sucks a lot of battery. Plus, with a bonus battery, you can save the day for the game-changer manager whose phone invariably is dying by the 6th inning!

Recommendations: Anker Power Bank, LURBON Portable Charger Power Bank, Anker Portable Charger Power Bank

Other Recommendations:

This article was originally published in February 2023; it has since been updated. 

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