Back to School Hacks for 2020: Homeschool


Homeschool Hacks

As an experienced homeschool mom, I often get asked by new homeschoolers for advice. I’ll share my top homeschool hacks for those of you who might be trying homeschooling out for the first time this year. Be sure to check out our other homeschooling posts!

back to school homeschool hacks 2020Be relaxed. 

Ask yourself, “Did I learn everything about everything when I went to school?” If the answer is no, don’t worry about your child’s gaps in learning. You will be giving them a huge bonus in development and growth just by spending time with them and reading to them.

Write the agenda down.

I’ve been homeschooling for 11 years and I am not super good about doing this, but many homeschool families thrive on having a checklist. You can type out the school subjects, filling in their assignments once a week, write the days expectations on a big whiteboard, or use a daily index card. Whichever system works for your brain, knowing what they need to get done helps the kids and you to be more successful each day.

Use your resources.

Whether you have older siblings that can practice math or spelling with a younger student, or you use an online homework help resource such as Khan Academy, don’t be afraid to farm out your job a bit.

Feed them.

When you’re homeschooling, you unfortunately don’t get a lunch lady or a janitor. One of the best homeschool hacks I’ve learned over the years is to not do much for lunch.

  • Pack a lunch the night before, even though you’re not going anywhere. 
  • Cut up fruit, veg, meat and cheese and lay it out on the counter so they  can graze for snacks and lunch.
  • Make a Lunchable style lunch. 
  • Teach them to make their own food as soon as possible. 

Have patience and give grace. 

Apply these to yourself, and your kids. Between the dog throwing up and a baby blowing out, my favorite homeschool hack is taking a short recess break outside or just to move your bodies helps everyone reset when things get tense.back to school homeschool hacks image baby and school aged children reading

Read to them.

Reading quality books out loud to them is huge for building vocabulary, talking about conflict, learning history and a ton more. You will find huge benefits reading out loud even after they can read to themselves. Follow What Do We Do All Day for excellent book lists on any topic or age group.

Be relaxed.

I know I already said that, but it bears repeating. Honestly, if you teach your kids to love learning, and HOW to learn, you’re doing exactly the right thing for your children.

You can read more homeschool posts by typing “homeschool” in our search bar on our homepage. 


homeschool hacks

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