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summer survival working mom

5 Tips for Thriving in Summer as a Working Mom

I want to enjoy summer as a working mom instead I feel like all I get to do is survive. Summer in an office environment doesn't exactly sizzle. My alarm still goes off at...
ways to create successful summer days

A Checklist for Successful Summer Day

What constitutes a successful day for you in the summer? “No one broke any bones, drowned, or got sun burn blisters.” “Everyone is alive and mommy hasn’t had too much coffee or wine.” “We did four hours...
save on back to school savings how to quad cities

5 Great Ways to Save for Back To School

The summer is almost over! It’s the most magical time of the year for some parents when the kids get to go back-to-school.  Back-to-school shopping can be expensive.  My son seems to grow 2...
10 back to school snacks

10 Budget Friendly & Easy Back to School Snacks

Enjoy this awesome list of {easy budget friendly} back to school snacks! I am happy to pass some of this parenting onto the teachers in a few weeks. I'm exhausted.     These kids get hot lunch...

Guide to the Best Preschools in the Quad Cities

Starting school is a huge milestone. For stay at home moms, many of us choose to start with a Mommy's Day Out type program and then look for a Quad City preschool as the...
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