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Guide to Local Coffee Shops | In & Around the Quad Cities

Every mother in the Quad Cities area knows that the secret to surviving the roller coaster of parenting isn’t just love, patience, and those nifty stain-removing pens—it’s coffee. That magical brew that promises, "Yes,...

Winter Nights Winter Lights at the QC Botanical Center | November 17, 2023 –...

7th Annual Winter Nights Winter Lights The gardens will be in winter bloom at the Quad City Botanical Center with over 225,000 glowing lights for their seventh annual Winter Nights Winter Lights Powered by MidAmerican...

Canadian Pacific Holiday Train | 25th Year

The Canadian Pacific holiday train (CPKC) is back starting November 20, 2023, for its 25th year! Watch their recent video here.  Holiday Train shows are free to attend. CP asks attendees to bring a...

Indoor Activity Directory for Families in the Quad Cities

Ah, indoor play. It's the savior for every parent who has looked outside and thought, "Rain again? Really?" But fret not, fellow guardians of tiny humans, for the wonders of indoor playgrounds are here...

Top Halloween Movies to Get You In the Spooky Spirit

Halloween is more than just costumes and candy; it's an invitation to immerse oneself in stories that range from bone-chilling horrors to heartwarming tales. As the days grow shorter and nights colder, there's nothing...
corn mazes

Corn Mazes to Visit this Fall | In & Around the Quad Cities

Corn mazes have long been a cherished hallmark of the fall season. Stemming from a mix of agricultural prowess and artistic design, these labyrinthine pathways carved into towering cornfields offer both young and old...
trick or treat

Trick or Treat Times in the Quad Cities

(Quad Cities): It's that time of year! The kids are getting ready to trick-or-treat and we have the trick or treat times for many of the cities and towns in and around the Quad...

How to ‘Boo’ Your Family, Friends, & Neighbors + Free Printable

Ah, Halloween! A time of spooks, scares, and... surprises? Yes! While Halloween typically conjures up images of haunted houses and trick-or-treating, there's another tradition sneaking its way into hearts and neighborhoods: "Boo"-ing! If you're...
halloween events for kids in the quad cities area

Halloween Events for Kids | In & Around the Quad Cities

Spooktacular Halloween Events for Kids in the Quad Cities We've curated a list of kid-friendly Halloween happenings guaranteed to provide fun-filled memories for the little goblins and ghouls. Whether it's your tiny tot's first Halloween...
tacos in the quad cities area

Where to Eat Tacos | In & Around the Quad Cities

Ah, the humble taco. A dish so simple, yet so versatile, it's won hearts all around the world. From the classic Mexican street food staple to innovative gourmet variations, tacos have become a beloved...

Things to Do with Teens | In & Around the Quad Cities

Below is a list of libraries throughout QCA that offer teen-specific crafting events (view our library guide for addresses and hours of operation): East Moline | LeClaire | Davenport | Bettendorf | Scott County Library...
halloween books and kids

10 Must-Read Halloween Books for Kids

Halloween is just around the corner, and what better way to get into the spooky spirit than diving into Halloween books? For those little ghouls and goblins in your home who are eager to...