Nichol Roberts

Nichol is a full-time Health & Wellness Coordinator at a local Senior Community, Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer. She has a passion for all things wellness & being a positive resource to those on their journey to live well! Nichol is also a specialty fitness collector, with 22 accredited certifications under her belt but ironically LOVES baking treats -- especially if it is holiday-related! She is a mom of two remarkable girls, ages 2 & 6, together with her husband of 11 years. As a family they enjoy spending time outdoors, being active in their community’s school district and pet foster volunteering for a local animal shelter. Nichol's 'Me-Time' includes creating workout plans, discovering more about veganism, salsa gardening, cooking for a crowd, snacking on charcuteries, Bravo TV & social media. To schedule a free personal training consultation reach out to Nichol via email:

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