Laurie Elliott


How Best to Help a New Mom

Offering help to a new mom is something we all want to do, but sometimes we don’t know exactly what to do. New moms might not even know what to ask for because they are overwhelmed...

What’s Great About the QCA: Raising Kids in a Small Town

Raising kids in a small town is just right for us...My husband was raised on a farm south of the Quad Cities, and I was a small town girl, growing up in Milan, adjacent...
nature is healing

Nature is Healing

Nature is healing. Who can say that they’ve taken a walk in the woods or watched the sunrise from a deserted beach and not felt calmer – more at peace? Science is starting to...
teaching children pet care girl with puppy

Pawsitives of Teaching Children Pet Care

 With families spending more time at home together in 2020, many people have added a pet to their household. Teaching children pet care can begin as young as two! If you’ve added, or are...
How to become a positive thinker thumbs up sign

The Power of Positivity: How to Practice Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking = A Longer, Healthier Life This “Living with Covid” era has us all running the gamut of emotions – there’s some fear and foreboding, annoyance, irritation, and short–temperedness involved. Now infection rates are...
making memories and strawberry jam

Making Memories and Strawberry Jam

  My kids are grown now but we still are making memories and strawberry jam together every summer. We love reminiscing about when they were little. I hope you try making it this year too! Making...

What Your Kids Are Learning From The Pandemic

It might feel like you're failing this "homeschooling" thing, that the only thing your kids are learning from the pandemic is to use less toilet paper. But while that is a good life skill,...
How to help a new mom Bloom

How to Help the New Mom!

Offering help to a new mom is something we all want to do, but sometimes we don't know exactly what to do. New moms might not even know what to ask for because they...

Winter Hiking with Kids!

There’s something different about hiking in the winter. I recommend you try winter hiking with kids.  You'll find the snow muffles the usual noise – you hear your breath and the snow crunch under...
my family of four is perfect

My Family of Four is Just Perfect!

My family of four is just perfect Every family is 'perfect" To begin, I must mention that any family is perfect – an ‘only’ child as I grew up, to 10 siblings, which is the way...
cross country skiing winter sports

Winter Family Fun! – Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing has been a part of our winter family fun scene since my kids were old enough to try it.  At that time, the Wapsi Center in Dixon, Iowa was the only...
life skills for preschoolers what does my child need to start school

School Readiness for Young Children: Preschool Skills

“I did it myself!” Every time I hear this, it brings an immediate smile to my face. As a classroom aide, I spend 8 hours a day with 2-4 year olds, who learn about...