All Things February | Valentine’s Day Events and Crafts, Indoor Activities, Date Night Ideas & More


All Things February — Quad Cities Edition

Featuring Valentine’s Day events and crafts, indoor activities, date night ideas, and more in the Quad Cities area.

We are excited to bring you All Things February, covering all things Valentine’s, snow, warmth, and winter! This guide has been handpicked and curated to include different events and activities throughout the Quad Cities area.

Whether you’re looking for family-friendly Valentine’s Day activities, where the best place is to get hot coffee, or unique date night spots, we hope this resource helps you find exactly what you’re looking for this February.

Dive into all the February-themed family fun awaiting you in and around the Quad Cities!

valentines day events

valentines books


date night


cinnamon rolls



snow removal

indoor play for kids

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Winter in the QCA

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