A Relaxing Easter: Compliments of the Pressure Cooker!


Not to freak you out, but Easter is coming at us kinda quickly. With all the fun of egg hunts, Easter services and dressing our littles up in lace, bonnets and oxfords, it can slip our minds that people want to be fed too. And they are all looking at the Mamas to get that gorgeous Pinterest inspired Easter brunch on the table by noon.

Nearly impossible unless you have a little “magic machine” in your corner – otherwise known as an electronic pressure cooker. Many of us got them as gifts, but are terrified to take them out of the box. You don’t need to fear it, it is here to save you. 

Easter Ham

I was gifted my first Instant Pot by my sweet Mother in Law during the Christmas of 2017. That year we had a nasty snow storm following the holidays and my husband was away for work, so the kids and I barricaded ourselves into the house for a few days. This gave me the perfect excuse to dive in, getting to know my new kitchen tool.

I quickly fell in love with my pressure cooker and now I can’t imagine being an efficient home cook without one.

When I was a newbie “Pot Head”, what helped me become more comfortable was to start with easy meals with minimal steps. So, here are some recipe suggestions for a no-fuss Easter meal that can take some of the pressure off (pun intended). 

The beauty of these recipes is that you can do much of this in advance so you are spending less time in the Kitchen! The cheesecake and deviled eggs should both be made the day before to spend sometime in the fridge. The ham, potatoes and veggies could all be made in advance and then hang out in the oven on “warm” until all components of the meal are ready! If you are lucky enough to own more than one magical pot, then you won’t have to do as much juggling.

Either way, if all you do is one or two of these dishes, setting the pot and forgetting it means you are not standing over a hot stove, babysitting the food. Instead you can spend more time off your feet and enjoying the people you love. Pair this menu with some store bought bakery rolls, a chopped salad kit and pitcher of sweet tea and you’ll have a scrumptious Easter meal the adults will appreciate and the kids will refuse to eat…..except for the rolls, of course.

Person eating Easter Vegetables

For a tutorial on how to get started with your new pressure cooker, watch this video from Six Sisters Stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZXAd9BYDPJQ

For ideas on what to do with those leftover Easter Eggs, visit: https://qcmoms.com/2014/04/03/cook-with-those-easter-eggs/

Wanting to do a unique Easter dessert your kids can help you make? Do some Easter Cupcakes!: https://qcmoms.com/2017/04/12/easter-egg-cupcakes/

Instant Pot Pressure cooker recipes

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