I’m all for leaving “surviving the day” in 2020.  I’ve been thinking about ways I can be intentional about setting myself up for a great day every day and came up with 8 tips that I hope help us all thrive instead of survive in 2021. 

Try these tips for battling anxiety and the general crazy that comes from our current at-home-always situation: 

  1. Wake up happy.  Set your alarm to your favorite song – worship, hip hop, Frozen 2 – whatever will put you in a happy mood from the get go and you’re on your way to having a great day. 
  2. Avoid news and scrolling first thing.  It’s so easy to grab the phone, but try to get something positive in your mind and heart before inundating it with the latest depressing stats or fearful posts. 
  3. Exercise.  I know, I know.  But really – those happy hormones are a real thing and they will help you battle the emotional roller coaster of the day.  Even just a walk around the block will help you have a great day.
  4. Stay hydrated and eat well.  Again….I know. Be healthy, blah blah blah. But seriously, when we fuel our bodies well, our minds are clearer and our hormones are more balanced.  
  5. Get outside. Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for the soul. Combine that with exercise and you will be more likely to have a great day.
  6. Give yourself a daily time out.  Carve out (at least) 5-10 minutes and try to just BE.  Focus on your breathing.  Do some stretches.  Avoid input (no scrolling or listening). 
  7. End your day with gratefulness.  Journal or use an app (try HappyFeed) to record three GOOD things from the day.  When you learn to focus on the positives, you can have more great days
  8. Get enough sleep.  It’s easy to go to bed late because our rhythms and routines are all completely out of whack, but adequate rest is essential to coping and battling the chaos head-on.

Do you have to follow these things step-by-step? Not at all. Find your own methods that help you have a great day, or pick and choose a few of these. The main thing, though: take steps to make today your best day ever. What has been working for you?  Share in the comments!


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Anna Seeley is wife to Josh and mom to Logan and Loralei.  She created Graceful Journey with the mission of encouraging women to live into the hope and purpose they were made for through storytelling and tangible tools. She believes every woman has a purpose and a story as unique as they are and that we are all beautifully and wonderfully made. No one is too old or too young or too busy to live life on purpose.  If you were getting coffee together she would remind you that there is hope in every season, something to be learned in every heartbreak, and that there is always - always - grace to be found in the journey.  Join Anna on IG @annajseeley for more encouragement and a peek at her everyday life (aka - coffee, kids and chaos)!


  1. These are all great and a daily necessity! For me as a mom of four, I would also add waking up before your kids! I do so much better if I get up and start my morning before everyone else does. It helps me get set and prepared before the chaos starts 😉


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