5 Things That Actually Made My First Six Months As A Mom Easier


New moms are bombarded with products that they’re told that they absolutely need to have for the arrival of their new baby. Many of these items are necessary and helpful but the cost starts to add up fast! Here are the 5 things that really did make a difference for me that were under $20 or even free!

1: Portable White Noise Machine

Nothing happens in our house without white noise. We especially love our smaller, portable white noise machine because it allows for naps on the go or in other parts of our house without toting around the larger one in our nursery that also doubles as a night light. White noise machines really are the golden product when you have a newborn in your home.

2: Baby Tracking Apps

We love using an app that records our baby’s wet and dirty diapers, feeds, pumping sessions and sleep. For us it allowed us to better meet his needs to know exactly how long its been since he slept or ate. Seeing summaries and patterns over time has also been exciting as he grows. It helps give more accurate answers for our pediatrician as well.

3: Free Educational Content

There are some popular virtual courses out there like Taking Cara Babies for sleep, Solid Starts for food, and Karrie Locher for newborn care. All three are run by professionals in their fields with lots of credentials so you know they are legit! However, they all have tons of free and really helpful content on their socials and website. You can benefit from the education without needing to pay for a pricey course!

4: Puppy Pads

Hear me out! This was my favorite hack from TikTok. We place puppy pads on our changing table and it makes those messy diaper changes easier to clean up without adding to the laundry or needing to wipe down your changing pad. A pack of 100 from Costco runs under $20!

5: Fridababy 3-in-1 Nose, Nail, and Ear Pick

I was not prepared for how often little ones need gunk cleaned out of all kinds places on their little bodies. My all time favorite tool has been the Fridababy 3-in-1 Nose, Nail, and Ear Pick. It helps keep our little guy clean and feeling good and makes some of the gross parts of the job as his mom easier to accomplish.

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