5 Lessons to Learn from a Two Year Old


My son and I both like to sleep in, Monday’s are especially hard for us to get up and get going, and to get out the door to daycare and work. When we arrive at daycare he is usually one of the last to arrive, but I am always blown away by how he is greeted by his friends in the morning.

There are hellos and hugs, and excitement all through the room. It makes me happy and gives me a sense of relief to drop him off at a place where I know he is cared for not only by the professional staff members but the other children in his class that we now call friends.

Once I am in the car and headed to work, I hope to myself that these kids stay as sweet and kind to each other as they are right now, and then I think when do we as adults stop cherishing the people in our lives and showing care towards each other on a daily basis?

My son’s presence in the world and becoming his mom has taught me a lot about myself, but also life in general. I am humbled, exhausted, challenged, and beaming with pride daily. Here are a few of the biggest lessons I have learned from him to date.

  1. Cherish your friendships & make new friends whenever you can
    Everywhere we go, my son loves to make new friends. He starts by saying hello and introducing himself, “I’m Arlo.” It’s all so simple. However, even though he can make new friends quite easily, he still holds space in his heart for friends and family members that he has known since birth. His genuine excitement for visiting friends and family is truly inspiring to me.
  2. Be Curious
    My son is always learning and discovering. Everyday is a new day to explore and learn
    something new. He is constantly asking questions and trying to understand what this
    world is all about.Too many times as adults we get stuck in a routine and discontinue to grow and explore new and interesting things. Stay curious and open to new experiences!
  3. Emotions are ok and part of life
    As many who are around toddlers know, they do not hold back their emotions; whether they are feeling sad, tired, scared, happy, etc. Sometimes it is hard to be on the receiving end of these emotions, but emotions are part of life and natural. Adults also have hard emotions but typically have gotten better at shutting them off or pushing them away. There are no “bad” emotions. It is ok to feel things deeply and express those feelings.
  4. Don’t Give Up
    Toddlers are constantly learning and trying new things, and usually failing the first few
    times in the process. But this doesn’t stop them from trying again, and again, until they
    master a new skill. As adults we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves for messing up or
    doing it “wrong” the first time. We’re all still learning.
  5. Be Present & Enjoy Life
    We all know that kids naturally live in the present moment. Sadly, this is something
    people lose as they mature and get older. Whether we are fretting about the future or
    looking back on past mistakes and memories, or just zoning out on our electronic
    devices, adults are rarely in the present moment. We lose so much from the world
    around us when we are not present. Let’s take some cues from the little ones and enjoy
    the moment!

My favorite lesson is that there is enough sunshine for everyone and yours will come, so be happy for others and enjoy the ride!

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