I will be the first to admit that being a mom can be difficult. Toddlers teeth, children whine, and tweens have attitudes. Juggling all your plans and everyone emotions in a day can be overwhelming. As a mom to 4 (and pregnant with our 5th), I find days to be overwhelming for not only me, but my children as well. Let me tell you 5 ways that I have found to help our family get back to neutral.

                Dance parties are the best. I call all my children into the kitchen, turn on a fun song (full volume) and we dance like crazy. Being silly and getting out of the mundane groove of life can help get you and your kids in a better mood. Have you ever frowned while dancing like a monkey? I doubt it. Smiling is a guarantee.

                If you want a more comfortable time, call a timeout in your day. Have everyone grab a blanket and cuddle on the couch. Whether you have time for a quick show or a full movie, some family screen time can help reset the potentially sour day. Cuddles are so great, and you might be able to convince one of your kids to give you a quick foot rub. It’s a win win!

                If you want to get more active, take a hike! Whether there is snow on the ground or sun shining there is always something to find while you are outside. Either go for a casual stroll or set a goal for each child. Bring a notebook so the kids can write or draw some of the cool things they see. Ask a little one to count whenever they see a bird flying. Is there a big hill to run up? See who will win the race. Exerting energy is good for everyone.

                To keep on the exercise thought, do some yoga. Newbie or pro, you can find helpful videos for you and the kids to take part in on YouTube. The National Center for Integrative Health says yoga can reduce your stress by 86%. Try it out and see how you and the kids feel afterwards.

                One of my favorite things to do is play board games. We have board games for all levels of kids. Sitting down during a hard day and making sure we have that close family time together while having fun is wonderful. Choose to be competitive, work together or play a silly game of charades. Sitting down at the table for 30 minutes is a great way to get everyone out of their funk and into happier moods.

                The most important thing is acknowledging that life can be stressful, whether you’re 2 or 42. Make sure to be aware of your emotions and the emotions of your kids. If you feel the household swaying toward a negative mood, do something fun. It can take a minute or an hour, but everyone will soon be feeling better together.

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