4 Simple Ways to Love Where You Live – Even with Small Kids


We all go through stages of life that allow our homes to function in different ways. Some need all the storage space for toys and books. Some need a permanent hangout spot for all the teenagers. Some need every single room to be baby-proofed and some need a space for all the crafting/lego-ing to happen.

Whatever phase of life you’re in, embrace it mama. It’s beautiful and joyous – and your home doesn’t have to always feel cluttered, chaotic, and un-unfinished because of it.

Declutter. Declutter. Declutter.

Clear your kitchen counters. Minimize the amount of shoes in the closet. Limit the toys available in the living room (baskets are always a great way to store toys and books). File away the important papers and throw away the rest!

Less in more (with décor).

During this phase of life, things will break. Mud (and mac and cheese) will stain it. Marker will appear on it. Keep only the things you absolutely love and have to have on your walls and shelves. Make your space feel larger and less cluttered with a large frame/piece of art on the wall instead of 5 smaller ones. Add a plant in a basket to your bookshelf instead of all the tiny trinkets.

When in doubt, add some greenery.

Plants are my jam. They bring life to every room – literally. If you’re feeling like a corner is missing something, add a plant. Feeling like your side table could use something? Add a plant. My favorite (and easy to care for) plants are Pothos, Philadendren, ZZ plant, and Snake plant. Just can’t keep them alive? Try a faux tree or plant instead!

Add a rug!

A rug is the best way to bring a space together. Worried about staining it? Purchase a washable one (or one that’s easy to clean)!  There are two things to remember when buying a rug. One, never purchase a rug too small for the space (that’s almost worse than no rug at all). And two, you can always find a good deal on a rug. But, you usually get what you pay for.

Written by Courtney Lawrence
Owner/Designer Courtney Lawrence Studio

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