Ah, February, the month of love.  Funny though, how it quickly turns in to binging chocolate, scrambling for last minute Valentine’s for the kiddos’ classmates or picking apart your significant other for forgetting the obligatory cards and candy.

In all the crazy, we often leave behind the intentions we started January off with and forget to care for ourselves.  This leaves us worn out as we launch into spring and often unable to be the kind of mom, wife, friend, woman we want to be! Self care isn’t selfish.  In fact, when we care for ourselves better we are able to love our people better.  

Keep reading for 28 simple ways to show yourself some love this month.  You might even find some new habits you want to keep up with all year long! 

Looking for simple (doable!) Valentines activities to do with your kiddos? Check these out!

  1. Set your alarm 10 minutes before your kids wake up.
  2. Develop a morning routine.
  3. Prep for your morning the night before. 
  4. Go to bed early.
  5. Schedule a nail appointment or a massage for yourself.
  6. Find 5 minutes during the day to be quiet, still and A-L-O-N-E.
  7. Unfollow people who aren’t encouraging you or who make you compare yourself on social media.
  8. Set time limits for apps on your phone.
  9. Put your phone to bed with the kids. I plug mine in in the kitchen and don’t check it until after my morning coffee.
  10. Refresh your phone – delete unused apps and change your background/lock screen.
  11. Get a new journal and make time to write in it. 
  12. Take time to learn about yourself.  Here’s a list of questions to get you started.
  13. Get a new candle to light during your morning routine or for a pick me up.  I love these soy candles with essential oils that also fight against human trafficking.
  14. Make a list of stressors throughout your day.
  15. Sit down and find ways to eliminate, address, and manage the stressors on your list.
  16. Ask someone for help.
  17. Start and finish reading a book in a month.
  18. Go for a walk outside.
  19. Put two things on your bedside table that make you happy. You should also have a lamp and a clock. Have you seen the Simplified Challenge on Instagram? 
  20. Consider swapping out a product you use often for a cleaner version.  I personally use Melaleuca and Beautycounter.
  21. Commit to moving your body daily.  Walk, stretch, set a timer to do 15 sit ups, or use a free app like FitOn to choose a workout.
  22. Get yourself a light therapy lamp to help with the winter blues.  I use this one every morning and feel like it has made a huge difference.
  23. Drink more water every day.
  24. Set aside 30 minutes a week this month to be alone.  Coordinate with your spouse or swap with a friend for childcare.
  25. Try something new.
  26. Say yes to your kids when they ask to do something fun.
  27. Clean out the junk drawer.  We all have one.
  28. Set an intention or goal for the next month.  What do you want to focus on?  Make a plan to make it happen!

Wanting to celebrate Valentines day as a family this year?  Check out these 9 ideas for sharing the love as a family.  

Grab the checklist here!



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Anna Seeley is wife to Josh and mom to Logan and Loralei.  She created Graceful Journey with the mission of encouraging women to live into the hope and purpose they were made for through storytelling and tangible tools. She believes every woman has a purpose and a story as unique as they are and that we are all beautifully and wonderfully made. No one is too old or too young or too busy to live life on purpose.  If you were getting coffee together she would remind you that there is hope in every season, something to be learned in every heartbreak, and that there is always - always - grace to be found in the journey.  Join Anna on IG @annajseeley for more encouragement and a peek at her everyday life (aka - coffee, kids and chaos)!


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