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For 2 years after I had my daughter, I felt very alone in the struggles of motherhood.  None of my friends had babies yet.  I desperately wanted to know I wasn’t the only mom dealing with the dreaded 2 hour bedtime routine and temper tantrums!   Last summer I went on a walk and noticed a big group of women doing squats on the side of the street.  After a little chuckle, I began to wish I was part of something like that.  Little did I know that Sara, the owner, would run over to me with a big smile on her face and invite me to join!  It took me awhile to get the courage to go but I can say now that I have never regretted it!

Stroller Strides is owned and operated by one of our own QC mamas, Sara Baker.  She caters every workout to the mamas who are there, beginners to advanced.  Not only are the mamas getting a workout, the children are actively involved.  My daughter loves the LUNA Mom’s Club playgroups on Wednesdays after the workout.  Pregnant? There’s a Fit for Babies class just for you!  Did I mention they have a monthly Mom’s Night Out?!  Meet up with us tomorrow at 7:00 for a chick flick (Bridesmaids) at the movie theater on 53rd!

Seriously, this is no sales pitch.  Stroller Strides has changed my life!  I have found a group of women that will laugh when I tell them my daughter decided to use the tree as a urinal and understand the daily struggles I am going though.

Check out their website and Facebook page! The first class is always free!  I promise you won’t regret it (unless you care about not being able to walk the next day)!!

Are you ready for this??  Stroller Strides is giving away a 10 class pass!!  That’s a $100 value!!   ***For new members only.  Head on over to the QCMB Facebook page to be entered!

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